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Honestly how does it look?

  • Twinfun
  • 11 months ago

This is how I look 4 weeks post. Please give me ur opinion on how it honestly looks? Did I get a bad job or is there still hope? 

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Ya, it could still be swelling, give it time. From what I've read swelling can take a long time to go away. And just when you think your in the clear it sneaks up on you again.
I feel better to know I m not alone. My PS keeps assuring me it's swelling and will get better. But everytime I see the round belly esp when I bend I m not sure if he's telling the truth. I m trying to be patient until I meet him on 10th dec when I am 7.5 weeks post TT hoping what he said he's right. Will keep u posted. Would love to hear from u girls how ur doing. Good luck
Reply are not alone!!!!! I hate to say this, but I am so glad to see your comment on here cause it shows me that I am not alone. I just got back from my ps this morning . He says `:I see you still have a bit of swelling``. Well no kidding I am so swollen I feel 3 mths prego :( Doc says everything looks okay and that I am healing just fine. He says that the swelling will eventually go down. Well I am so sad about all the swelling cause I can``t even fit into my bluejeans cause of the swelling along with the sucks! I have been wearing my cg since my tt surgery Oct. 15....I will be 6 wks po in 4 days. I truly was expecting better results by now....I feel very disappointed and hoping that my results will be better in the upcoming months. So Twinfun, your belly looks like mine and I was told by my doc this morning that it is just swelling and to just have patience. Maybe that could be the same in your case....see what your doc says.....
At four weeks it is really difficult to say. It doesn't look great, but it could be 100% swelling. It's really impossible to say. Have you asked your doctor? Some people go through terrible swelling for months. If you look through some reviews, you'll see people are often disappointed at the beginning of the journey and then end up happy with the results once the scar evens out and the swelling subsides. I think it is too early to judge.