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Home spa treatments - what skincare can you do at-home?

  • 6 years ago

What homemade spa treatments should I try? How do these compare with going to a spa?

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Researchers recently found that diet found, healthy diet actually does have a lot to do with skin health. Maybe the myth of chocolate and french fries giving you acne really is true.

Psst! The Secret to Gorgeous Skin Is Not That $50 Cream--It's Your Diet, Say Researchers

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Some more skincare treatments found in your own kitchen. Not only useful, but also delicious. Check it out!

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The spa treatments you should try at home depends on the results you are looking for. I would suggest going to your local library or buying a book with homemade spa treatments that has a lot of recipes for your exact needs, like softening your skin or relaxing your body. The big difference from going to a spa or doing spa treatments at home is that you have to do it yourself. You can liken it to going out to eat. Sure you can eat at home, but you pay for someone else to cook for you, serve and clean up after you. At the spa it's the same - you pay for the whole experience, the atmosphere and personal touch of the technician. Now if you are looking for some dramatic results, like problems with acne, rosacea or are in need of a massage, then you might have to visit a spa for some professional care. To save money, you can also visit your local beauty or massage school and get a spa service like a facial, pedicure or massage at a fraction of what it would cost at the spa.
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