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At home chemical peel dont seem to work

  • sanook
  • 9 months ago

I am Asian and with fairly light skin. And noticed that I am getting age spots and hyperpigmentation on my forehead and around my cheeks. I have gotten peels done professionally then started doing 30% glycolic peel at home but I didn't see any difference so I started on the 50% glycolic peel. Currently, I am on my 4th peel and I do the peel every 7-8 days. After the peel there are few scabs and a lot of flaking. But I don't see any difference in my skin. My spots don't seem to fade but look like gotten darker. I follow the instruction and take great care after the peel, such as not going into the sun. I read that spots should fade after a 3rd peel. Should I do a couple more peels? How much longer till I see fading in the spots? Pleas, advise.