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At home chemical peel dont seem to work

  • sanook
  • 8 months ago

I am Asian and with fairly light skin. And noticed that I am getting age spots and hyperpigmentation on my forehead and around my cheeks. I have gotten peels done professionally then started doing 30% glycolic peel at home but I didn't see any difference so I started on the 50% glycolic peel. Currently, I am on my 4th peel and I do the peel every 7-8 days. After the peel there are few scabs and a lot of flaking. But I don't see any difference in my skin. My spots don't seem to fade but look like gotten darker. I follow the instruction and take great care after the peel, such as not going into the sun. I read that spots should fade after a 3rd peel. Should I do a couple more peels? How much longer till I see fading in the spots? Pleas, advise.

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Hi, when you are experimenting with a chemical peel initially, you should always start with a concentration of 15-20% glycolic in nature. For a lightening effect, use the fruit acid gel. It has 15% of glycolic acid, hence will not harm you further. Repeat this once every week. It is a slow process for which you will see the result within 2 months. Post that you can increase it to 30% but not more than that. Always cleanse your face before applying this gel. You can also try Skin Culture Peel after 2 months. This peel has been around for 75 years and there has been a of success stories
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Glycolic is not the best peel for lightening. Maybe try a Lactic or Kojic Peel.. I think the Cosmetic Company peels have a Lactic and Kojic in one :)
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A good vitamin c serum will lighten the spots also.
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You are doing too many too close together. Glycolic 50% is pretty strong. U should wait 4-6 weeks before doing another one. Results are seen gradually over several months. When it comes to lightening dark spots, this may not be the right peel for that. Lactic, and Kojic acid are what is used for lightening.
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