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Holiday concert for my kids 3 days after TT...yes or no?

  • soupermom311
  • 1 year ago

I am scheduled for my TT December 10 and I just got a note fron my 4th graders school to mark the calendar because December 13 is the Holiday concert!!  Yikes...this is their first Holiday program ever and I would hate to miss it.  So, what do you all think...After TT and muscle repair do you think I would be able to hobble my way to a Holiday concert at my children's school?

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I haven't had my surgery yet-- It is this Wednesday-- but from everything I've read on the boards, I would guess no. What you COULD do, is have someone go and bring their ipad or something and Facetime/ Skype with you so that you can watch it real time. Saw that on a tv commercial, actually. :) I am going to miss my son's parent/ teacher conference as it is 5DPO, but I am going to have my husband put me on speaker phone so I can at least listen in...
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I'm gonna say probably not, but who knows. You might be able to hobble your way and make it. I don't think I could have after three days, but mothers seem to find super human strength and determination when it comes to kids. I would say don't plan on it and maybe prepare the kids that mom might not be able to make it. That way if you can go, it's all good but nobody is expecting it.
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If you could send kids early and show up and sit you would be fine. The problem is you will be completely hunched over and obvious that something is wrong.
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