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Hole in TT incision, has anyone had this?

  • whatley1
  • Frisco, TX
  • 2 years ago

At month post op, I developed a hole about the size of a pencil top at my incision directly below my belly button. I freaked out because it was nasty draining and ugly, not to mention there was a hole in my stomach. I called my PS and he had me come in first thing the next morning. It was a stitch that my body did not disolve and it was my body's way of spitting it out. So now 2 months later I am still packing my hole with gauze strips twice a day and it 's gotten bigger and is very sore and irrittated. How long will it take this thing to heal up? I know it is suppose to heal from the inside out, but it has been two months and it looks the same. Am I doing everything I need to be doing, my PS just keeps saying have patience.

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I am lil over 3 weeks out and I have a stitch that is spitting around my hip area. The PS said it would take a bit for it to close on the outside that its closed on the inside. Keep the area clean and give it time.
After my tt (11 weeks this Tuesday) I had a hole, right below my incision. The PS nurse said it was because there was not enough skinn when he closed it up. I had been taking care of it for the last 10 weeks.
Last week I developed a fever, chills, body aches, etc. and got very swollen. The hole was infected. I am now on 2 antibiotics and it does seems to be getting smaller. It is still draining some. Hopefully this thing will close up and I can be done with it.
Hope yours is getting better as well.
Hey I went through this issue with my TT. My incision started to open and when I went to the PS he opened it a lil more to make sure it wasn't an infection.It was pretty gross to deal with too. I honestly think it took about 4-6 weeks to heal. I packed it with saline gauze, used tripple ointment. I washed my hands and used gloves when I changed the gauze. I soaked the scissor I used to cut the gauze in achol before and after I used them.
That area still gets tender sometimes I'm now 6 months PO.I don't like the way it healed so I will be having it revised in the fall. Hope this helps. I still would have the TT all over again it was the best thing I ever done for me. Happy Healing!
Hello sorry for what you are going thru,I had the same situation but it was with my c-section, it was not that deep but it took a little bit to heal ... but just like the doctor says be patience, I 'm a nurse and have seen lots of these cases and it takes time, also like JO1234 said are you on Antibiotics? also you might want to ask your PS if you can take vit C and multivitamin which also helps whith healing process, make sure you wash your hands before and after you clean and pack the wound and not to wear nothing tight around that area ( above or under wound) so you don't block blood flow, wounds need blood supply if you have to wear grannys underwears then do so....hope you recover from this so you can enjoy your new body!!!! :)
It sounds like it is taking a very long time to heal. Is it infected? Have you been on antibiotics? Might be worthing asking this question in the Q&A section to get the opinion of the doctors on the site.