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HOLA TO THE REAL SELF"SEXI FLAT STOMACH"LADIES: Did you wait until your reaching your TARGETED Weight,Before TUMMY TUCK ?

  • DominicanaNYCNJRedhead
  • 2 years ago

i am SO VERY CURIOUS chica's and hola.   the reason is cause i lost,near 41 pounds.but all PS.i speak to are saying, your going to need just a "tummy tuck" some LIPO for the flanks,(fat rolls)couple inback etc. and your good to go! I am all set right?for april 21st 2012 Now,being told,to "wait to lose another,GET THIS: 75 pounds if this is going to be my target weight!! i am now finally at 240,carry mi weight VERY well,cause i am tall love that. (5'9 out of high heels.)and i am ready to do it.But i want to know WHO here "did not WAIT to get down under or near their TARGET weight?And how did YOUR Sexi-Belly turn out for you,by NOT waiting?(My close-friend did not wait,find a great surgeon FLA.)who even told her go 4 it,and she did,now it is Flat as in high school sexi,we same height,same weight,she now down 4 sizes,workin out etc. look great!   So who did not wait for the "TARGET weight"to be reached,and did it anyhow?Please everyone share your stories and your results,cause i am ready to go! TARGET weight for me is near 175-200. but it is so hard,to get near 200,i am at 240 now as of TODAY.     From :Dominicana NYCNJ Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012!

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I didn't wait..I was within my 15 lbs of it and kinda wish I had waited and tried to get rid of some more of this belly fat. If there is a lot of visceral fat, it doesn't matter how much skin they take off, it WILL still be under there and you won't be flat flat. They cannot (or i should say most P/S will not as it is dangerous) do lipo in the same area that they are cutting. It can cause skin loss. I have a 90% improvement but still not as flat as I'd like to be,
Tummy Tuck (researched) is geared towards the removal of loose skin (not fat)...lipo is for the removal of fat...I am 5'10 and I went from 260lbs to 172lbs (which I am at my normal BMI) and I am still waiting (to find the right PS)...I am not in a rush cause I am HAPPY in my SKIN (loose skin too) stated that your friend had surgery and she's flat so why not go with her surgeon???
oh i put my tt dream,into reality on hold.but still here to support many who made it a beautiful reality...yea she did hers,and still look regret she has,not one. cuidate...(take care)adio..
I didnt wait for a targeted weight i had surgery...i wouldnt of changed nothing i am very happy with my resultz...there was a lady bigger than me and Dr. Told her realistic results and she was crying she was so happy with no flab just depends on you and this is your investment..
I did not wait till targeted weight... I weighed 219 when I went in for surgery. My doc knew I had lost 70 lbs he watched me do it after my accident and in a wheel chair non the less, so he said go ahead because he knew it would do a world of good for me. As far as the docs sometimes get nervous about blood clots. I have had two Pulmonary Embolisms after previous surgeries so they were ready for me just make sure to get up and keep moving those legs... while you are sitting flex legs and move feet around a lot and you will be alright. I think it all depends on the surgeon doing it if they will let you go before at targeted weight.
hola. gracia chica i can imagine, her crying! i mean jus 2 lose as i call it the 2nd stomach/belly i can't imagine how happy she was. i can't wait...i had to postpone but i am so there this spring..... thank you for this so much everyone. adios! *sexiflatstomachcertified2013!*
2sexy4them hola chica! i had to postpone for 1 yr. i am so ready to go. did you have yours done! if so plz advise,and yes i am learning so much in 1 yr. from dr.after dr. and others on this awesome site,really did not have to even wait! but i did drop so much so i am ready to go,and will have butt transfer/fat etc.into buttocks,more round,as i plan to do,just want the flat sexi stomach i use to have in my avie/profile,and i know dr. say this year i will get there,when i m on the table,i cant wait! adios *sexiflatstomachcertified2013*
Just be encouraged ma dnt fret and remeber why ur doing this for you ma your gonna be hawt
hola! happy monday everyone! and yea i think your dr.did you justice,girl enjoy as i know you are going to (mi amiga)she went to FLA. she find a dr. thru actually here i tell her um START A BLOG,already share. she was so happy to have went last winter (so she is so happy since around nov.dec. actually during 2011. and i know she did not even"wait"for her TARGET weight. i had a query on that,months ago last year.and now i am finally at my (just about mi target weight!)i just have to wait few more comin in $ etc. and i am so happy to be able to soon few more months i can wait,cause then we are into end of winter(three months)so i am scheduling around april 8th or so. and yea i mean i INTEND lol to be as i was so flat,in shape in my earlier(avie profile pix)that was few years only ago almost four i WILL do it again! thx to mi tummy tuck and dropping like almost 40 pounds!
I know how you feel on this one, I was 350 pounds for a large part of my life, I was hovering between 200-205 for 6 months my body was done losing weight, I run, go to the gym, hot yoga, nothing was budging, doc said having this TT would get me losing again and indeed I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery, I am 5'9 now weigh 195-197, I am still swollen so keeps changing. I had my arms done last year before my wedding, I was 240 at the time, losing that 40 pounds made them sort of saggy again. I should have waited but I didnt want those saggy arms for my wedding. You have to decide how low you want to go and then look for a doc that will support you. They say to aim for a BMI under 30 and then most docs will do it, your body does really change, I know from 240-200 man I changed a lot, but I was really working out and building muscle too, maybe I could have waited but the frustration of being so strict and working out everything I did nothing was working, I have not been under 200 in 30 years, so for me I needed that kick to get me jumpstarted. Good luck to you, I know you will do the right thing!
thx chica.
and see?
so, your speaking from PERSONAL body experience(s)weight we ARE SAME HEIGHT TALL LOVELY women i say winks! model-height winks!

and i m READY meaning ok so,get this chica, i got the money ALL READY(in cash 80 percent of it)last 2grand or so, on VISA Card.I have mi tax return and
saving(s)going toward it,even won 2300 in a lottery in
nj (in feb.been savin it since then to FINALLY treat me
to something wonderful,after raising 2 great teen girls
who are 19,and 16 , i m ready! age 37 i am SO ready
healthy,as anyone,and again i work out also 3x week.

& wit the help of a lil diet help supplement,I
F YOUR not hearin of HCG that stuff work so fast.
i am losing much weight,since first day,i order it
very expensive but i can see why! it really do help u
shed MUCH weight,at times few pounds in 2 days or 7 within one week!

it work for me,and i drop another 5 pounds this week!

not even friday i lost last week 4 today
almost 5,like 4.9 pounds on scale. so i am goin to lose ONLY maybe another 20 pounds in total i know i can but i did not WANT TO, i want to"use the TT as a body contour tool,get this flab off the bottom hanging and work out like loco!(crazy)as i work out already few days a week. I DO NOT know why i have to wait when
see, LIKE U BEJEWEL,your arm was"sagging more"
"AFTER you lost as dr. say "more weight"that is my
fear,what if i LOSE all my CUSHION i call it in the stomach big belly area, then HAVE NONE left but sag skin for butt lift ! and i already drop altogether now
51 pounds!(as of today(total is 51)cause i was at
march 27th or so of 2012,41 pounds,another 9 and a 1/2 pounds as of today! thanks alot to the HCG Diet.
that stuff works the REAL DROPS.anyhow LOL

i am so confuse,i really want to go on april 25th!
but i am still being told by MOST surgeons in pa.nj ny wait,yet FLA. surgeon who did my friend as i share on her,told her to go for it,and she look flat as a board,and her arms look great,and matching belly she did NOT WAIT.....

gracia chica...
thank you.
your awesome. and gracia. i make mi goal weight! i am happy ready to go had to postpone till spring 2013. or sooner.gracia chica. i finally while i did postpone,lost mi weight i needed to do, i feel awesome but the sag skin yep has to go like pronto! good luck to you. so funny dr. (look at this blog/pix)multiple go,but YOUR not "Fat"overweight" obese lol i say um LOOK AT ME the stomach is huge lmfao but i now i am goin to put the stomach fat,(i still have 15 pds.overweight mi goal weight is stated above)so he say this is going into mi culo(butt)azz, fat transfer,so i am happy. good luck 2 u chica. adios
as others, and yours is definitely 1 post to stand out i think si...(yes)for yep. women of"color'' black,and like mi self. Latina/Dominican yea i mean some might see us as diff maybe cultural-wise.not sure but your post is astute. and i appreciate it so much.One surgeon in the FLA. area, South Miami told mi amiga, "she is fine at a tall height, and carry her weight well HEALTHY just not the big fat stomach bulge and rolls on side, love handles, and back! so he did it and she is flat n sexi in the lil waist area now,and doing well to maintain her stomach now. and again she did not get to target weight,we live in nyc/nj but she flew to jersey
cause NO OTHER SURGEON was telling her to get it done,(who she interview in our area)she is SO happy since dec. 11, and i am next!(but havin it done in my area,not fla.)
GRACIA for the queries-answers, i appreciate it so much and i am losing another few pounds this week on SPECIAK K, can't believe it work lol and fruit fish
chicken breast.and LOTS of water milk,yep,and a diet supplement for FAT-BURNING actually working but no way i m losing 75 more pounds! that is mi target weight nera 150-165 standing 5'9, BUT THAT IS OK.
i will get there AFTER TUMMY TUCK and still keep mi curves,workin out eating right.

thx everyone! hoping i get to have it done still the
end of April,it not definitely MAY no doubt before the
start of summer,gracia !

god speed to all the SEXI FLAT CERTIFED STOMACHS of 2012!
I think its also prudent to point out that we are all built differently in terms of frame size and what may be culturaly attractive. As a black woman, curvier isn't really considered a bad thing. Now there is certainly a line that can be crossed when one is unhealthy but to suggest that just because someone is a certain height they should weigh a certain weight is silly. How your weight is distributed and how you carry it certainly matters. And again more importantly if you are healthy. I've dieted and gotten down to 150 lbs and I am 5'8. But on my frame it did not look healthy! I looked sickly! 175 is ideal for me and I think figuring out what looks best on you and is healthy is most important!!! Keep me posted. I will def follow your journey!

Here is a link to some wonderful questions and comments on Tummy Tuck and Weight Loss.  Check this out.

hola chica
gracia to again BAG (For your incredible well writte post) very encouraging 1 of best here in the forum thankyou SO much.
and to member community mgr. KIMMERS i sur will
I guess it depends on where you carry your weight. Never would I have guessed you weighed what you do. There are several ladies having their procedure and losing 30 lbs or more after because of increased desire to exercise and loss or reduction of appetite. That weight loss doesn't seem to effect their result, particularly if active. If it's safe and you want to do it, do it.
Hi Redhead,
I live in Florida and I am 5'9 and 190lbs and my surgery is on April 12th. I also carry most of my weight in my mid-section and upper thighs. I look my best when I am about 165-170lbs, but after then third kid the weight won't budge even with going to the gym 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes and using weight watchers to track eating habits. So I decided that it was time to just do it.
My PS didn't even mention losing weight when I went for my consultation or pre-op appointment. As a matter of fact I didn't even see a scale in his office. :) I will keep my profile updated on how everything goes. I hope to get a few more pre-op pictures posted soon.