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HOLA TO THE REAL SELF"SEXI FLAT STOMACH"LADIES: Did you wait until your reaching your TARGETED Weight,Before TUMMY TUCK ?

  • DominicanaNYCNJRedhead
  • 2 years ago

i am SO VERY CURIOUS chica's and hola.   the reason is cause i lost,near 41 pounds.but all PS.i speak to are saying, your going to need just a "tummy tuck" some LIPO for the flanks,(fat rolls)couple inback etc. and your good to go! I am all set right?for april 21st 2012 Now,being told,to "wait to lose another,GET THIS: 75 pounds if this is going to be my target weight!! i am now finally at 240,carry mi weight VERY well,cause i am tall love that. (5'9 out of high heels.)and i am ready to do it.But i want to know WHO here "did not WAIT to get down under or near their TARGET weight?And how did YOUR Sexi-Belly turn out for you,by NOT waiting?(My close-friend did not wait,find a great surgeon FLA.)who even told her go 4 it,and she did,now it is Flat as in high school sexi,we same height,same weight,she now down 4 sizes,workin out etc. look great!   So who did not wait for the "TARGET weight"to be reached,and did it anyhow?Please everyone share your stories and your results,cause i am ready to go! TARGET weight for me is near 175-200. but it is so hard,to get near 200,i am at 240 now as of TODAY.     From :Dominicana NYCNJ Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012!