Hints for what I need after TT on 7/24

  • Blueskymom
  • 2 years ago

Looking for some suggestions as to what you needed that wasn't on the doctors list!?

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Hope your surgery went well and hope to see your pics too! Happy healing and god bless!
Thanks for the great info! Tomorrow is the day and I can't sleep!!!
Hi Blue,
I can tell you that from my experience, it really helped me to have a small table placed next to the toilet. Why? Because if you get external drains and collection bags post surgery, you will have to empty the bags and measure and record your output of fluid. I put my measuring cups, gauze bandages, sanitary pads (like for the incision area) wet wipes, tablet and pen, all on that small table so that I could take care of everything on the toilet. Sounds lively, I know, but the first week after surgery is hard. You want to have what you need in close proximity. I had very low blood pressure after surgery and dizziness...so I kept what I needed close by.
Just a thought! Good luck with your surgery. Be strong, and take it easy!