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Anyone have a high V or W shaped scar like mine??

  • cheweb
  • Maryland
  • 2 years ago

Hi all, I had my TT in March and I am somewhat satisfied with the results. I really don't like my scar. I have been feverishly searching around on this forum to find anyone with a high scar like mine. My doctor said she had to do it this way but I have seen women who are even way bigger than me or even with similar body types and their scar is still bikini low. I am still not as flat either, although I hope that will now work in my favor to have my scar revised and lower at my 6 month point. Anyway, if anyone can relate, please let me know. Been very depressed feeling alone with this outcome!

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I dont know if you still check your profile....but I am 13 days PO and I have a scar just like you!! Inbox me so we can talk.
Hi there sister. I have not heard of the different types of TT and regardless of the procedure, I certainly was not expecting the scar I got. I was expecting a flat stomach and low scar. I will have to go back and get more done now I see to get the figure I want. I want a lower scar, flat stomach and more of an hour glass shape.
Ask your doc what type of tuck you had. Sometimes the tuck scars can be high on the sides with certain procedures. Some procedures give you more of an hour glass shape while others tend to have to give you a straight waist with less curves. I don't think you look bad, you are still pretty swollen and the scar is relatively fresh.

If you have intra abdominal fat you will not get the flat tummy without weight loss.

I would wait until the swelling goes down and the scars fade. It's really hard to judge from a pic sometimes.