Hiding drains for work

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  • 3 years ago

I am having trouble searching for posts on hiding drains for work. I have a binder and I'm a size 6 (pre-op) but I have no idea how to hide the bulb parts of the drains in my clothes without looking weird. I have three drains in. No one at work knows what surgery I had. Any suggestions or links to other posts?

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I'm having one drain removed today and going back to work Monday with one still in. I think I'll be doing some shopping this weekend to figure out how I'm gonna dress because I have told no one.
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One more idea that worked Wednesday when I went to see the Dr and it was humid and hot. I wore a large pair of those running/wind shorts and pinned the drains around the upper edge. Then wore a loose tank top. I still had the look of little saddle bags but not really noticeable to other people.
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I went out in public several times with my drains.  But I did not have to wear work clothes.  I wore a zip up hoodie and pinned the drains to the bottom band of my bra kinda of under my arms.  It had a little bump in the front but not bad.  Baggy clothes??

Goodness not sure what I would have done if I had to go to work with them on me. 
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I wish I would have been a little more reserved in telling people about my tt and ba. I told my neighbor (actually had to have her tie my shoes one day and then one thing lead to another and I ended up telling her) I get a call 2 days later from a good friend who I had told about the tt but not ba and she said my neighbor had told another neighbor who told her friend who told her that I had a ba and she set them straight cause she knows I would have told her if I had, so I had to explain why I didn't mention it to her before (her 16 year old son was there when I had told her about my tt and didn't think he would care to hear about my breasts, talking about my tt was more than he wanted/needed to hear about, lol)... ANYWAY It was like High School all over! btw I went out and bought some slip on shoes! lol!
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Thanks. That's what I figured. I played around today and figured something out. I can get one on each side up into my bra sort of like push up inserts. Then the third one I can drop down behind my front pocket. I went for a pedicure today and they were hidden the entire time.
I was talked out of going back to work by several friends. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to independence and tend to jump back into to stuff too soon. My surgery was May 5 so I'm just going to tell my boss I'm not released yet and wait until the drains are removed late next week.
It is nice to know I can hide them pretty well though
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Omg I know what you mean! I haven't returned to work or anything, I haven't even left the house unless it's a doctors appointment lol I chose to be rather reserved in my TT announcement. I figure it's no ones business anyway but we have a rather large family and people come over all the time. The other day my kids friends were over and I was chatting as I turned away my drains fell into sight. OMG I was so embarrassed..I mean lets face it people dont normally walk around with body fluids hanging from a seethru plastic container hahaha
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Hey there,

I haven't heard of anyone returning to work while still carrying the drains. That's most likely why it's difficult to find posts on. Wondering how long ago you had the surgery... Hopefully some Been There Done That Tummy Tuckers will chime in on this for you!

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