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After spending over three years taking various supplements and prescription medications for aging issues typical for women in their 50's, I came to the conclusion that while I could find some improvement, feeling normal again was proving to be an elusive goal.  I had soaring cortisol levels and anxiety, developed a hypo-thyroid condition, significant cognitive problems, miserable joint pain, gained 30 pounds (belly fat, ugh!) on my normally slim frame over a period of 3-4 months.  I developed unhealthy blood lipid levels (a heart scan revealed calcification in my heart), couldn't sleep, experienced cystic acne on my abdomen, marked hair loss and a reversal in my libido.  Amoung other problems, my skin - everywhere, including my face, became markedly thinner and lines developed especially around my mouth. Monthly blood testing revealed that while some conditions would get better, other problems arose.  I adjusted supplements, changed medications/added new ones; this helped to some degree.  Dermatologic treatments and regular facials helped as well, but I felt that I was on the fast train to getting OLD.  At 49 I had been spectacularly healthy (except for high cortisol and sleeplessness) and by 52 I could barely walk upon getting out of bed and had trouble kneeling onto the floor and getting up.  I had always been physically active and mentally agile so this rapid decline was disturbing.  I considered being tested for early onset alzheimers disease. Thyroid medicine eventually helped level out thyroid levels in my bloodwork, but didn't seem to make a quality of life difference.  Hormone replacement therapy (estrogens, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA) helped with sleep, hair loss and libido but other troubles remained.  I was beginning to forget how it had felt to be well and vital.  I ate a fastidiously healthy diet and exercised 3x a week with a trainer on top of walking or hiking on alternate days. I tried a Zerona laser treatment series for belly fat, with unsatisfactory results. I sought out the care of a board-certified antiaging doctor who suggested HGH supplementation (bloodwork revealed that I was deficient).  I resisted treatment for almost a year largely because of the notoriety associated with professional athlete steriod use.  However, seeing no further improvement as a result of the other treatments, I began HGH supplementation a little over 2 months ago.  I'm using physician prescribed Nordotropin injections. I can testify that I feel significantly better.  My aches are mostly gone, I observe that I heal quickly again, I've lost almost all of my belly fat and the stubborn acne (I had tried everything for it, salycilic acid, retin A, etc) is GONE.  The lines on my face have plumped up and the tiny jowls that had been developing are smoothing out.  I'm going to give this a few months and see how it goes. My doctor believes that HGH siupplements are a scam, but did recommend a prescription HGH stimulator as an alternative.  The needles I use are tiny and hurt only occasionally.  In only 10 weeks, I'm back to being taken for my early 40's again (some workers next door had a bet on my age and asked me to tell them) when I'm 53.  Most important, I feel better!  Can't wait to see if this also helps my lipid panels over time. It seems to me that medicine is in the same place related to HGH as it was with bio-identical reproductive hormone replacement 10 years ago.  Conventional doctors just don't deal with it, even the FDA approved HGH use for deficiency.  I'd be interested to hear of anyone else who is using HGH for longer than I have been.

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6 months later, I continue to see improvements. My joints feel better, my injury has healed, my stomach is flatter, my skin is plumper. My hair is growing again. No adverse effects.
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Thanks for sharing that was a lot of great information do you know anything about the sero vital hgh pills?
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I just started taking them. Any luck for you?
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I'm so glad HGH is working for you. Thanks for sharing your experience here on RealSelf.

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