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Is it possible to have a hernia from smart lipo?

  • S in PA
  • Pennsylvania
  • 3 years ago

I'm 4 weeks post smart lipo on abdomen and back. The left side is very noticably bulging out (and has been since the first day after lipo.) Last week the doc says not to worry it could be "a type of hernia" but wait and see if the swelling goes down. Anyone else had this? How can I not worry?

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It seems theoretically possible; if your abdominal wall was punctured during the procedure you could develop a hernia (N.B. I am not a doctor). However, you may also want to post this question on our Doctor Q&A forum, where you can get multiple opinions from the surgeons who visit RealSelf.

Thanks for responding Sharon. I have now posted the question on the Doctor Q&A (I may have accidentally posted 2 of the same question, but on different days, different wording thinking the first didn't go through.) Possibly I'm overly axious about it!

That's okay. Don't worry about it. If it was me I think I'd be just as anxious.