Hereditary dark circles..What is the best solution to reduce them for dark complected skin like mine?

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I am a man and I was born with dark circles and it has been ruining my life ever since I was born. I know men shouldn't worry about dark circles but mine are hereditary and very dark compared to the rest of my face and look just plain awful. I have light brown skin. My skin tone is a tad darker than Jennifer Lopez skin tone. My dark circles are on my eyelids all around to my under eyes.

Dr Seckell in Massachusetts says he can do the The Arcus Marginalis Release with Fat Repositioning but I heard it results in hyperpigmentation in the face.. So I'd be a little worried about having that procedure done. I went to several cosmetologists and dermatologists and their reply is "Well you have dark complected skin and their is no cure to fix your kind of skin, your under eyes are too thin and it is natural discoloration of the skin". Then they prescribe me creams that simply wont work like the vitamin C serum with eye cream whitener or they tell me to use hydroquinone on the eye area, which is ineffective also.

I know there isn't a cure for dark circles, which is surprising to me, with all the brilliant cosmetologists out there that cant seem to find a solution for people with darker skin to help fix their dark circle or any skin pigmentation problems for that matter but they can do miracles for people with white skin, maybe i should've been born white, to make it easier on them. If you ask me, white people already have perfect skin, what do they need fixing?.

Anyway, I am currently using products from bobbi brown which is a  hydrating cream, malt colored eye shadow for my dark circle eyelids and creamy concealer with the finishing powder for my under eye dark circles and it works good but Its a regimen I would have to use every morning after taking a bath until the day I die and these products come in such small sizes and last for less than 2 months and would cost me money every 2 months. I am trying to find a cream out there that can be very effective in reducing the dark circles on my eye lids and my under eyes, so I  wouldn;t have to  be depressed to look at my face and see my dark circles appear after the make-up has rubbed off during the night,

Look, I am not going to fool myself, I know cosmetologists are too busy finding solutions for people with lighter skin and ignoring people with darker skin tones but all I'm asking for is a cream that can at least minimize the appearance and a very good concealer and eye shadow to put on that treatment cream to minimize my dark circles on my lids and under eyes. Please help me.. because this is effecting my everyday life. I look so much better when these dark circles are covered and when they're not, i look completely horrible. So someone out there, just tell me what I should do about this.

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whats the name of the product
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It's not just people with dark skin with this problem, I'm pale, blonde hair, blue eyes, (basically as white as you can get) and I too was born with very dark circles under my eyes. I've tried every treatment, cream and make up under the sun and still nothing works. So to be honest, cosmetologists aren't just focusing on white folks, or else trust me, I would've heard of something by now. If I don't load on make up in the AM, I'm insecure and self conscious all day assuming people are staring at me wondering why I have such dark circles. Thinking, "Does she sleep?" "Is she a drug addict?" Etc... Even when I put make up under my eyes to cover the darkness, I need so much of it, it looks caked on, and never looks exactly the same color as the rest of my skin tone. Just thought I would give you some feedback, but it's definitely not a racial issue. Many people with different ethnic backgrounds have this problem.

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I'm so sorry you have the dark circles and that it's affecting you this much. I understand, though. Here's what some doctors say about dark circle treatments. Hope it helps!

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I dont think doctors really care about me or my skin tone.. they are just not skilled enough in their field to help serious problems.. these are not just dark circles from not getting enough sleep, these are dark circles that have effected my entire eye area since birth.. i call them chronic dark circles..and it causes problems when you deal with people... it brings out bad impressions
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Hi stephen, I can understand your problems.There are verities of creams in the market for this types of problem. It depents which is suitable on your face.My sister had same issue,she used Revitol and just in 15-20 days we could see the changes at the dark area under eyes. You should try for this.It may be useful.
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