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Do herbal green peels work?

  • 7 years ago

The spa I just visited has an "herbal" green peal for skin it going to work on fine lines around my mouth and eyes?

No a lot of money but no need to waste $$ and time!

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Found this site out of the blue and decided to comment about the peel. Suffered terrible acne after birth of my daughter. It was one of the most difficult periods of my life. Tried everything. I decided to try the peel and it greatly improved my scars. BUT for people who feel like there is nothing out there. I suggest to use Shark liver Oil take it as a pill and put it on your skin, results in 2 weeks!!! Acne is ALL ABOUT INFLAMMATION of the skin and lack of vitamins in the body. If you don't eat meat I suggest eating a steak once a week. Sounds funny but I was vegan ate super healthy but still broke out!!!! Its because of my blood type. Check blood type and eat accordingly. Do the research its worth it. Also use mineral make up to cover scars....beautiful invention. Hope this helps people who are suffering. I can now go out in public and play with my kid. God Bless!!!!
Does anyone know if the herbal green peel really works? Is it really worth all that money?
I worked in a Medical Spa for the past year and we offered Green Peels. Honestly, after viewing tons and tons of customers get them, I do not think a Green Peel is worth the money at all. We sold it to clients with darker skin types that were trying to lighten hyperpigmentation, or clear up acne. I really saw no results in the clients at all, and a series of 3 Green Peels, with the products, runs around $1500. Plus I heard the procedure is extremely uncomfortable because the herbs feel like fiberglass rubbing into your skin. I'm going to do some Green Peel research right now to see what other people say. Jeni