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I am 3 1/2 weeks post op.  Everything has gone great.  Yesterday however I started noticing kind of a discoloration below my nipples on both of my breasts, though left had more than right.  It was just a vague discoloration and I really couldn't tell if it was red or more bruise-like.  This morning I noticed that it was more red but not warm.  This afternoon it is still there.  My incisions still look really good.  They are not red or hot, it is just the tissue below both nipples and then off to each side. Has anyone else had an issue with this?  I have called my PA and she told me to mark where the redness is so that she can determine tomorrow if it is spreading, so I have done that and I will be taking my temperature in a bit since I just drank some water. Otherwise I'm just looking to see if anyone else has had this happen and to see if you can reassure me or give me some advice. Thanks!

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I have Thursday off work, and my surgeon sees patients in the clinic that day, so I thought if I have any concerns I will call them tomorrow and talk to them about coming over on Thursday. I still feel well and am relieved that there doesn't appear to be any infection, so am hoping this just resolves on its own.
But I consider myself lucky that beside my adverse reaction to the Scope Patch, this has been my only problem. No pain and no real down time for me. I'm very fortunate.
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You poor thing. :(  I don't think that is typical but everyone responds differently.  I would give it a few days and if you feel sick at all then it is time to go to your plastic surgeon again.  Your breasts may just be annoyed at this point and they need time to adjust.

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The thing is, Angie, that I'm quite obsessed with these "little" girls and I can't help but look at them every chance I get!
My PA said everything about my surgery itself looks really good. My scars are perfect, with no seperation, no induration, no weeping, and are for the most part flat already. There is some definite redness, but she does not believe it is cellulitis or any type of infection. I have no fever, no pain to palpation, no firm nodules, etc. My white blood cell count was normal. At this point we are going to leave the scar creams off for about a week, just in case that is the problem, though she said it doesn't seem to be skin irritation. She thinks that since so much of my swelling is already down that it is just the swelling and natural fluid that has yet to be absorbed that is pooling there. Especially since it shows in both breasts and neither have a sore or open area on it.
If it doesn't get better by Wednesday, or worsens before, I will contact my PS. I just went to the PA at the clinic I work at today because my surgeon is almost two hours away.
Will keep you updated if anything changes!
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It sounds like you're paying close attention to this and doing all the right things! Today was your appointment with your doctor, yes? How did it go?

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