Need Help! Yily, Salama or Perry? Which one should I choose?

  • TASJ86
  • New York City
  • 1 year ago

 I am new to RealSelf and I have been doing a lot of research on getting a Brazilian Buttlift to achieve a FAB BOOTYLICIOUS Booty!  I am so confused of who to choose. Dr. Yily is the master in sculpting, but it doesn't seem like she is the master in giving her patients the BOOTY that I'm looking for. I sent Dr. Yily my pictures, but have not yet heard anything yet. Her prices are perfect, but I'm hesitant about leaving the U.S. to get this procedure done. In my opinion, Dr. Salama and Dr. Perry are very similar.  They both give amazing results and their reviews are always rated highly.  Dr. Salama is booked till next February 2014, he gave me a quote of $8400.  I really wanted mine done sooner than that, but they say patience is a virtue.  I sent my pictures to Dr. Perry, but I'm still waiting for a response from him as well. I'm so excited to get this BOOOTTTYYY!!!! Does anyone prefer a doctor over another and why? I would love to hear your comments.    TASJ86 xxxooo

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Can u give me the email where u sent ur pic I want to send mine
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U can go to dr perry website in send him a notice in also u can inbox your pics to his website
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Dr perry I great I'm going to him in he by my side the whole way
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Hi there,

When did you send off for information from Yily and Perry? Have you looked through all of the reviews for each doctor? That can be really helpful when choosing.

A lot of girls are going outside the US now for surgery, but you have to be comfortable doing it, it all depends on what suits you best.

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