help! I have two questions. Weight and surgery and surgeon reccomendations in the Scranton Pa. or surrounding area?

  • Linda, Scranton Pa.
  • 2 years ago

I am a 45 year old 5'8" tall woman who weighs 235 pounds.  I have tried unsucessfully to lose weight.  I am uncomfortable exercising with these lead weights on my chest both physically and emotionally.  I am currently a 38J and would love to reduce to a C cup.  Anyone with comments on weight?  I would love to hear about reccomended surgeons in myh area as well!

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I prepped for about 9 months for this surgery. Weight has always been a challenge for me and frankly, at age 44 I wasn't sure I would really ever get a grip on it. Last summer, I started working with a personal trainer 2 30-min sessions a week which got me on track to work out myself another 3 days a week. I toned my body up quite a bit and then started weight watchers online after 5 months of working out. I basically went from 245lb to 220lbs - some fat loss and some muscle gain. Boobs never changed throughout. After surgery, I weighed 210 -- about 5 lbs of tissue and no appetite got me there. Now I'm nearly 2 months post-surgery and back working out. I guess the upshot: a BR has helped me see I CAN have a body i feel proud of -- the boobs hid any good physical asset i had no matter what the weight was.... I'm really glad i did it after having had a foundation of toning and a little weight loss. I am really glad I didn't say to myself once again "I'll get a BR when I lose the weight."
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I was 242 in march. Then I decided to look into BR. I weighed about the same (235)when I first saw my PS in April to scedual my BR. I went out and lost a few more pounds and got down to 225 the day od surgery. I weighed 220 a few days after my BR on May 25. Weight really is no big deal. The biggest problem is making sure your weight is steadyish. Mostly meaning making sire you are NOT gaining weight. There are a lot of people on here who have lost a lot of weight after BR just because they feel so much better and movement is much easier and more comfortable. If BR is something you want don't wait any longer than you have to. It really has made a huge wonderful change in my life. I was a 40H now a 40D. They removed almost 4 pounds of tissue.My Br really was a dream come true. Well worth it.
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HI zing, I saw your pics and your surgery results are amazing. I know you must be pleased with the outcome. I am 255lbs. right now I have been told by my PS that my insurance company wants a minimum of 700 removed from each breast for them to cover the cost. I was just wondering how much you had removed from each and are you happy.