I need help! Who to trust

  • Sarahjane1983
  • 1 year ago

I had a breast reduction on the 29th jan. I came back to the hospital as there was a lot of oozing from my left breast. They said it was fine and gave me some antibiotics to be on the safe side. After this I had nothing but problems and people giving me different advice. Doctors said it was infected, the hospital said it wasn't. Doctors did a swab and I have staphlococcus aureus in my wound. Hospital still says I have no infection. It's been a month now and I am still in loads if pain. It's getting bigger everyday and I am getting told different things. Help!

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I am so sorry to hear about your complication. Here is a link to a RealSelf Q&A with doctors. Perhaps this will give you some further information:

Had Wound Separation After Breast Reduction and Healing Very Slow with Infection, What Should I Do?

Personally, even though it may be expensive and time consuming, I would consider gettting a 3rd opinion.

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Was it MRSA? If one is saying you have an infection and treating you with antibiotics, I'd trust them. How did you get stuck with 2 different care modalities?? I certainly can't make a diagnosis, but I'd choose the one that seems to be doing something about it if there is concern, or seek a 3rd opinion if you don't trust the first 2. Sorry you are dealing with this.(((hugs)))
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They didnt say i had MRSA, just the SA part of it! The reason I ended up seeing the hospital and the doctors is because my surgeon went on holiday and I couldn't get into the hosptial for them to take my dressing off and have a follow on appointment. That's how the doctors got involved. They referred me to a skin viability team to look at changing my dressings and to help promote skin growth. My wound is now 3.5cm in length and 2.4cm in height and getting bigger. My doctors are playing the part of district nurse and changing my dressings for me every few days. The hosptial says I cannot have a shower, my doctors say I can.
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I'd follow the instruction of whoever it treating the wound... unless they seem incompetent.
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