Help! Need tips to quit smoking before surgery

  • 2 years ago

Please list your tricks!

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Below is amazing advice from s.perez to a fellow community member who's trying to quit smoking before her mommy makeover:

I've smoked for many years and it sucks every time you have to quit. I myself had quit 6xs and it is hard. After you eat you wanna smoke, after sex you wanna smoke, you are in the car and you smoke, you are bored and wanna smoke, you drink and smoke(goes hand in hand). Some ppl do the hard candy trick and i tried that as well. Ended up i ate a lot of candy(not good); it's an oral fixation (the hand motion to the mouth). so over the 6xs I've quit an started and quit i found some helpful tips to stay quit.

1. after you eat and you start to get that "sweet" craving go for a walk (brisk) it does help.

2. After you have sex and you get that "sweet" craving again pic up a book and a bottle of water, drink(water) and read and repeat.

3. When you are in the car and craving that "sweet" cig make sure you packed some on the go snacks( carrots, celery, broccoli cuts, grapes, strawberries, bananas) healthy snacks; obviously don't eat all that in one setting.

4. if you drink stay in an environment that doesn't allow smoking(which nowadays that's everywhere) but if you can't then i recommend do not drink.

5. when you get bored and jst want to light up instead of eating, grab some ice cold water drink that and work out. lift some weights and do lots of cardio (brisk walk, jogging, jump rope, swimming, cycling, etc). once you do the cardio your lungs will burn and you'll cough a lot BUT your nothing thinking nor wanting that cig. it takes one month to get into a routine but you will crave that cig for a good 6months but the "sweet" craving dies down each month (not as intense).

I've always seemed to quit for a yr and start up again, the reason for starting up each time is because i would go around ppl who smoked and it was always in my face(ppl is family)and i got the urge to do it again and again. this last time its been a lot better. But I've always replaced smoking with a better habit. I still have the urge every once in awhile but not as intense as before. I stay away from alcohol cuz I know im going to want a cig. i definately do not want to start up again. needless to say its been almost 2yrs since I've quit this time around. I work out and drink lots of water i do still snack on junk food every now and then(got to sometimes)plus i need to stay quit cuz i got to have my MM also. Well anyways, i Hope that this helped you out with your smoking, let me know how things go. good luck and you can do it!!

Excellent advice, thanks!

At, the say it's all about START:

S = Set a quit date.
T = Tell family, friends, and coworkers that you plan to quit.
A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you'll face while quitting.
R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work.
T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit.

Check it out


Here's some motivation for community members who are trying to quit smoking...check out this article from one of our RealSelf doctors wrote about your nipples falling off if you don't quit smoking. Yikes!