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Need Help Rising Above an Inappropriate Comment

  • kakaka2011
  • 2 years ago

During my recent body lift surgery which I was completely awake for with the use of Regional/Epidual anesthetic. A nurse made an inappropriate comment to the surgeon about my breasts. The nurse was made aware I was awake, by the PS immediately following the comment.The nurse chose to ignore the fact that I was awake and heard the comment. In a post op visit, the PS down played the comment, excusing, accepting her abuse of me. How can I go back to him for follow up? how can I grow past this comment?

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You are the one with the hammer here. She suffered the embarrassment of being told you heard what she had said. She was probably petrified when she was told that. You have that knowledge over her and she knows it. She was busted. Isn't it nice to be on the high road?
Try to remember ppl say things without considering others feelings....even if you were asleep she is still being heard by god an just know she will have to answer for everything that came out of here mouth..I hope this is you recovery
This is old but this is soooooo true what you are saying. Some people lie, cheat, etc thinking they'll NEVER get caught BUT there is someone ALWAYS listening and watching. You never get away from these kinds of things.