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can someone help me remove my scars? mosquito bites.

  • lonelygal03
  • Philippines
  • 3 years ago

i am already 19 years old now.. a college student. since i was in grade school im always hiding my legs...always wearing pants , long knee socks just to hide it.. everytime theres an activity in our school im always praying that our costume will be not to wear skirts or shorts.. coz im afraid that my classmates will know about it. im always cryin coz my classmates teased me for having so many scars in my loses my cofidence.. since then till now im always hiding this scars coz i dunno wat to do to get all this scars gone. i try so many things ive seen in the net but nothing works.. i want to be what i wanted to be in my life... but because of this scars i cnt do what i wnted to be.. but if this scars will not be gone..then i will not let this be the hindrance of my success.. im always prayin to God that someday this scars will gone. :( i know im not just the only person who have this case . i hope ul help me pls.. i hope someone  will help me.. SOMETHING THAT IS NOT SOO EXPENSIVE cure for this scars.. i cant afford to go to a dermatologist or to a specialist for this.  im just an ordinary person that lacks of confidence living this world.. MESSAGE ME GUYS... il post pictures to let u see my legs.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.. (sigh)  T.T