Help pls. Had circumferential belt lipectomy 3 months back and extended brachioplasty 1week back. Feeling lost & disappointed

  • A wishful Butterfly
  • 11 months ago

Hi, I feel lost, sad and very depressed.  Hope someone can help me answer my concerns and worries :( I'm new to US and I came to California just to do my post weight loss surgeries. I lost over 120 pounds and have lots of excess skin that need to be removed and a body that needs to be reconstructed to have a decent looking shape. After doing some search and meeting my dr. I decided to do all my body contouring surgeries with him. I did two surgeries so far: 1) circumfrential belt lipectomy 3 months back. 2) extended brachioplasty two weeks back. I have concerns and issues in both surgeries and with the doctor. :( My Questions: 1) after the circumfrential, I noticed that my tummy is not flat and now, there are skin wrinkles as if I need another tummy tuck! Is this normal? Or the doctor didn't do his job right? 2) with the circumfrential, the dr didn't do any butt fixing! It's still saggy and no lift at all! When I asked the dr, he said that there is nothing to lift! This is normal? 3) I had the extended arm lift two weeks back. My Arms are different in size and I have a strange fold on the each side under my arm pit! Is this normal? He said he had to do it to give me a good back shape and the fold might disappear by time if we consider it a swelling! Or a surgery might be needed later. I'm lost & I still have thigh lift and I don't want to continue with the same doctor and have more issues. Everybody feels happy after doing their surgeries but me,  Im depressed and not happy. I never ever had a normal body since childhood and when I decided to take care of this, I face these issues. Final question, can someone recommend for me good doctors in LA, newport beach or any city in California? Who I can visit for second opinion and to do my other surgeries with him? Thanks and sorry for the long message.