HELP!! my surgeon gave me HP's without discussing it with me. I wanted MP's. Can he do this??

  • Sunshine143
  • 2 years ago

Please help! I'm 5 days post op and I can't stop crying.   I'm 30 years old, 5'8" and 132lbs.  I went to see my doctor for my first consultation is September 2010.   I told him that I wanted to go only slightly larger perhaps a B or small C and wanted a very natural look as I am athletic, and did not want to look like a porn star.  I had very little breast tissue, mostly skin, to begin with, and often wore a 34B as 32" was too tight and the width of an A cup bra was disproportionate.   After taking my measurements, we went into his office, where he had laid out several different implants.  I already had done my research and knew that I wanted silicone, mod + implants under the muscle.  I explained that I liked the idea of having a tear drop shape as it looks the most natural, and that was the look i wanted.  Once we had determined that the anatomical implants were out, we had decided on mod plus. The sizers I had tried on were 250-275 CC HP, and I did not like those at all.  I knew that the HP look way too fake and they were not at all for me.   I was finally able to afford the implants and went back to the office to book my surgery for July 2012.  I went in for a second consult in May and another in June.

Instead of spending time with him, I was dealing with his receptionist/coordinator.  She had me try on the sizers and convinced me to go with larger CC's.  She had me try on 375, 350 cc MP sizers and told me that if they were too small i'd regret it.  So I tried on 400 and 375 and she told me that under the muscled they will shrink by 25 cc's on each side, so its best that I go with 400/425.  So thats what his receptionist and I decided.  With the sizer bra, the 400/425 cc MP's, I was going to fit in a 36 C cup bra that she had be try on in the office.  Keep in mind the sizers were all Mod Plus, so thats the look I was going with.  I loved the slight side boob and cleavage.  She wrote the final number 400/425 on my chart and that was that. The day of my surgery, as my PS is marking my breasts, I ask if we are going with MP's and he says "no, were doing HP's".  I stopped and asked him why.  He said the size I chose was too large for me to go with MP's so I had to do HP's.  That they would be too far off the side of my body.   I was confused and he said, HP's are not about how high they sit up, its about the projection.  Keep in mind, I was about to go in for surgery in minutes and was not about to have a full on discussion with him.  He had my file and knew what I was looking to achieve so I "trusted him". All I can say is I fainted twice after looking at these HP breasts.  I look disgusting.  This is not at all the look I was going for.  They look fake and honestly, after reading forum after forum about how HP's don't fall naturally and how they always look fake, I cannot believe that my doctor would do this to me.  I emailed my concerns the very next day.  His receptionist tried to assure me that the doctor would have not put in a size that would not fit.  HELLO, I would have gone smaller as long I was going with MP's not HP's!!  Will they ever look natural - PLEASE HELP me.  Can my surgeon make this call without discussing it with me? Is this even legal?