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Help finding doctors who can give straight, even nose with narrow tip. Please

  • pondering1715
  • Wyoming
  • 1 year ago

Help?!  My biggest problem is bulbous tip, crooked,  and asymmetric nose.  My profile does not bother me but my front does.  Which doctors are best at these types of corrections?  Lots of docs don't show frontal shots, and many of those that do I am not too impressed with.  I am looking for perfection. I would like a nose that goes straight down my face, even, and narrow at the tip. I have literary been looking for months and months and only found one doc I am ok with.  I would really like more to choose from. Thank you !!!

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Thanks for your post! Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right surgeon for your nose.

If possible, try not to expect perfection, but a very nice improvement. Rhinoplasty is never absolutely perfect.

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