Help others - Donate your old bras after your BR!

  • krissySYD
  • Sydney Australia
  • 2 years ago

Ladies, have you thought about what to do with your old bras once your surgery is done? You are not likely to be able to wear them again. EVER. so what to do? Well you can burn them of course but just hold that lighter for a minute...   Remember how difficult it was for you to buy a bra that fits? And how expensive!   Now bear a thought for all the thousands and thousands  of women in other less fortunate part of the world where even buying a standard bra is a challenge let alone a bra beyond cup D-DD-E. Not only that these cupsizes are not generally stocked in stores over there they are unaffordable for most. Yet those ladies do need a supporting bra even more than their standard cup sized neighbours   I encourage everyone of you to think about donating your bras to charity. Of course burn some of them but if you can bear the thought don't burn all of them :)   Hold on to a few and look for find a charity that collects bras and then share it with the big international aid agency who then organize special "bra-giveaway" days in locations where it is needed the most.   My bras are going to hepl ladies in Oceania - to the Phillippines, Fiji, Solomon Islands and the Northern Territory in Australia as courtesy of a bra collecting project in NSW, Australia. Very happy for them and I am hoping my tiny contribution will make some difference in their life.