I need help/ advice about what to do to fade self harm scars?

  • Sollazojo
  • 1 year ago

About a month and a half ago, i cut my wrist while intoxicated. I would never do it in a right state of mind. Anyway, as you can see from the pics the cuts were really bad and now the scars are even worse. 2 days after i got the stitches out, I got pulsed dye laser treatment. The "specialist" barely looked at my arm and decided it was healed enough to do the procedure which i think was a mistake. I just started using scarprin yesterday. What should i do? I need these to fade. Please help me. Press this link to go to the question I asked the docters on this sight to see all the pics and read the captions on there. Then come back and comment here please.  

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Hypoallergenic scar therapy is a perfect treatment for scars of all types.
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In order to heal your scars, you would have to be disciplined enough when it would come to maintaining your diet. It is because internal treatment is equally important to get rid of your scars quickly with complete effectiveness. For external treatment, i would never suggest a surgical treatment, in fact, i would recommend hypoallergenic scar therapy. Go for invicible scars. I used it on my scars and stretch marks. They were months old so it was pretty quick in fading them. Most importantly , it never caused breakouts or any scar cream side effects, so i can trust it blindly for recommending it to anyone. Hope it helps you out too. I didn't like its packaging but the cream is no doubt a wonder.
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