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hello everyone! i have been researching this for a long time. Was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on Dr. Salama in Florida. I have gone to 2 surgeons in baltimore both quoted around $18g's. Now considering traveling out of town due to cost. Also would like to hear from anyone that had to travel, hotel suggestions, flying after the surgery etc. thanks for the help and advice!!

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Hi Georgeousalways,


Have you been trying to put on some weight?  



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Hey girls, I am in the DC area and was about to book Dr. Markmann for the end of next month, until I started reading all of the craze about Dr. Salama in Miami. I mean, the cost is a TON cheaper (but that would never have stopped me because I really do value the results and would pay whatever amt. possible to ensure the best results), the con is that he is in Florida, which is pretty far and you have to fly on a plane so soon after having your surgery? But after seeing all of these AMAZING results from everyone on here, I am really considering Dr. Salama.

I am really worried though -- I went to Dr. Markmann who said that I do not have a lot of fat on my body. I am about 135 lbs 5'5 and that he could get probably 550 cc's for EACH cheek, which is no where close to what I wanted..I obviously wanted more like everyone else on here! Does anyone have any advice as to what you think I should do? I am seriously considering Dr. Salama...
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Hi..just wondering how surgery went. I'm also going to dr salama
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Hello Booty,
I am from baltimore too and thinking about going to Dr. Salama have you had your surgery with him I hear really good things about him and that he is the King of Barbie Booties...
Hope all goes well with ur surgery . Mine I'd the 18th keep is all posted
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Highspring, I'm going to this dr too and would love too see some of your before and after pictures. Did you feel like this dr shaped you besides adding volume to your booty? And how are you results today? This is such a wonderful forumn for someone like myself who's new to surgery.
I can pm you my email address.
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Greeting! Listen choosing a plastic surgeon is a very personal decision. You have to go what is going to be good for you. I don't want to sound selfish but I read a review on Dr. S an has made me scared or skeptical to even voice my opinion about my experience. I don't want you to pick a surgeon based on what I or someone said about there experience . I can tell you my experience with DR Salama has been great from start till now. I get calls even emails and help with questions and concerns I have. I have seen DR salama work up close and personal. I was very impressed with all of our out comes. We were all different sizes and shapes and he molded each of us accordingly! Each of us turned out great, and was happy with the amount of cc's I believe I received the lesser of the 4 of us which was 800 cc's. My bruises were minimal, I was up and walking around the next day. I received great accommodations from finding a hotel ( which was n a great location ) to my driver who went out of his way for me! To my massage therapist (awesome ) . Ruben and Neomi are very people friendly and professional and that's what sold me! How they treated me. .No question to big or small any concerns DR Salama called me and reassured any fears or concerns. They were there for some of the ladies even at 2am. Wow I think I wrote my forum .... just remember no matter whoever you go to it has to feel right for you and no one else can make that decision for you!!! Oh I forgot to mention my anesthesiologist ...I can't forget him he was very informative, funny and smelled good too and spoke English! !!! Don't let the outside fool You.....very very clean state of the art surgery center .
Hope I was helpful ....sorry sooooo long winded! !!
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Hi Sharon, thanks for link. Do you have a link for dr. Salzhaur?
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Yep. Here ya go. :)

Hi babyjaas -- Welcome to RealSelf. A few others have had surgery with Dr. Salama. Here's a link to their reviews. Hope this helps!

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