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Having a Heck of a time deciding on a Surgeon - HELP!

  • 3girlzmommy
  • 2 years ago

Hi!  Thanks you all for your stories and pics!  They are great and informative.  Here's a quickie on me....I have an Abdominal Hernia that may be incarcerated so due to that and muscle repair also needed - we opted for a tummy tuck.  I found a General Surgeon I like and she can only work with these 2 Surgeons.  I am not Sold on either yet but need to get in soon - the last thing I need is something to happen with my hernia!   So in short - here's my Surgeons.... PS1 I liked him.  I felt relaxed and he seemed nice enough.  He has 15 years exp so good!  No office staff that day besides the recep so I didn't get to meet anyone else.  he put a note on my file for them to call me with a quote - I had to call them a few days later.  He got a great review on here so that was a big plus and I really like the pics on his site.  He also said I wouldn't need Lipo. The scary besides the fact I haven't met anyone else in the office is that My Friend works as a nurse in Family Practice and said they get a lot of infections from him.  =/ Also my Surgeon put him second.  My OB did rec him at all.   PS2 Before I even met this guy (6 years exp)  - everyone I had chatted with LOVED him!  MY GS put him as her first choice, my OB reccommended him, I have friends that have gotten work done and friends of friends and they ALL love him.  Great right!?  Me, I was not that impressed (maybe I built him up or something), I felt he was a little arrogant and defensive and too business.  But his staff - was fabulous and very friendly and called my insurance and everything!  They also have a great and frequent Post_op schedule with someone available 24/7.  He wants to do a little lipo but I won't be able to afford it.  I was also turned off by "Decide in a week and get a huge discount".  Sounds like I'd get the discount regardless but still. Oh and his pics are fine - I just kinda liked the other guys better. =)   So that's my dilemma andwhy I can't decide - what would you do?  I relaly don't want to go through the hassle of trying to find another GS and PS because I need to get this done soon.  I keep praying and maybe I'm just not listening to God - he's probably getting frustrated with me.  I just don't know who to choose.  DH says it's up to me.  Others close to me have opinions but are also wishy washy like me.  They are the same price.  Any insight or advice from you all would be crazy helpful!  Thanks!!!    

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Good call!!!
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This post is kind of a mute point....I have decided against both of them. Neither are certified. One Claims his paperwork is in process and the other claims he is a BoardCertified Plastic Surgeon but after checking and calling the boad they say he is not so I guess lesson learned. Don't assum your Doctor is referring you to a certified surgeon and don't assume just because your surgeon claims they are certified that they actually are. =/ New appointment next Tuesday unless I can get in earlier! Fingers Crossed! Oh and already checked - he is certified! =)
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