Heavy Brow after Botox

  • AoifeIrl
  • Ireland
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm a first time user of this forum from Ireland. I had Botox 6 days ago on my horizontal forehead and frown lines. I have a very heavy feeling since it kicked in. I have very little movemment in my brow and feel like my eyeslids look heavy. I also have noticed when I'm reading in bed at night that I feel like looking upwards or downwards is really straining. Does anyone know if there is anything to prevent this heavy feeling as I really don't think a smooth brow outweighs this not very pleasant feeling.

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Hi Aoifelrl,

Hopefully, you are not still feeling that heavy sensation, but the same question was asked in our doctor Q&A you might want to check out the answers. Hope that helps!


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