Has anyone heard of a product called traumamil ?

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  • Los Angeles
  • 3 years ago

I have a friend who swears by it she says its a cream you rub on yourb stomach to reduce swelling. I had my surgery on March 25 i am having swelling mostof the time not until evening after dinner.

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Thanks so much !! I was in whole foods today i will try the cream I am doing everything I can for this swelling Thanks so much Peace and Blessings
hi there Grateful! Actually I have a tube because I had to have surgery on my little toe (read my updates sigh) 2 weeks ago. before then I got a Tube from my Podiatrist for my inflamation in my foot before surgery. I have used it only a little on my stomach ( A little swealing near the pubic area ) but honestly, I have been using the Gel form of Arnica called Arnigel ($6 at target) and it seems to be working. I will probably use up the traumamil because I bought it a long time ago however I can tell you that it's "ORGANIC" meaning that you could get this as well as Arnigel at Wholefoods. It's good.. you should try it. As a matter of fact.. Try everything haha!! it really works out in the end. Also I'm still wearing a binder or a girddle and I've purchased the panty girdle that hooks up to the chest from Marshalls 2 days ago. It's just as tight as my regular $99 kind and I've noticed that it reduces the swealling DRASTICALLY!!! TT's Take time to heal.. it's not just a few weeks but Months! needless to say... even though you feel your swealling and your stomach constantly tightening after say 2-3 months.. you still look GREAT!! and no one would know how you're really feeling unless you told them :)