Has anyone heard of Dr. Rubio in the Dominican Republic?

  • Teetanna
  • Queens, NY
  • 1 year ago

Hi Ladies, I'm still not sure of who to go to I've gotten quotes from several Doctors, seen pictures from several patients and I'm still torn. I like Dr Robles and Yily's work and I'm trying to choose between the two of them. I am 5'2'' 180-185lbs (not sure which scale is telling the truth) I got really bad diastasis and carry most of my fat in my tummy. I'm going through reviews from the both of them and still can't decide.

I also got a recomendation for Dr Rubio. Does any one know of him or had work done with him please respond I really need to know what you think. Picking a surgeon is hard f***ing work!!! Good luck to you all. 

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I had work done with him in 2005. I had a Tt, lipo and Ba. He was great. I went during the holidays and he even invited me over his parents house for Christmas and new year. My body is still good even though I had a baby in 2010. I'm going back possibly for a bbl
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Hi there, welcome!

Is this the Dr. Rubio you're speaking of? It looks like we know of him, but no girls on RealSelf have had surgery with him, or they haven't written a review yet.

His office may be able to put you in touch with some of his former patients. Some former patients are willing to do this and share their experience. However, not all offices do this.

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Yes thats the one. Thanks Kirsty.
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