Has Anyone Heard of or used Dr. Jose Suarez?

  • Belly2big
  • 1 year ago

He gave me a really good quote & he does packages also. Plus on top of all that he is in the USA! The only thing is on his website there is only 1 booty b4 & after pic. His lipo looks good but I am not sold on his butts. I just want to be sure he is not a butcher! I don't even think I would be mad if my booty didn't come out huge. As long as he can give me some shape & do his thing on the lipo. This is the pic from his website. Or am I just tripn & she look alright?

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He is in Fl, his pateint rep has been contacting me and I am just not sure of him because I have not heard of him & he is not big on the BBL page.
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Hi there,

I haven't heard of Dr. Suarez personally, but some of the other ladies on here may have. Where abouts is he located? Have you looked at other doctors in the same area?

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