Anyone heard of/used Dr. Brett Kotlus from Allure Medical Spa in Shelby Township Michigan??

  • honeybeartc
  • 2 years ago

Hi ladies!! First time on here so I hope Im posting in the right place. Seriously considering booking my breast implant pre-op with Dr. Brett Kotlus of Allure med spa in Michigan. Not a lot of reviews of info on this guy other than that he also does Oculofacial plastic surgery as well as cosmetic. Havnt heard anything "bad" but Id like to hear more "good".  Anyone have experience with him???

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You are absolutely right. In it something is also I think, what is it excellent idea.


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I had breast augmentation done back in April with Dr Kotlus at Allure Medical. Based on my experience I would give the doctor and his surgical staff an A+. I am so happy with my new look and am very please I chose to go with Allure Medical Spa. I went on other consultations but decided to go with Dr Kotlus because of his experience and knowlage of the procedure. The whole experience was very smooth and the staff were their to answer me questions every step of the way.
Oh thank goodness, that really eases my mind!! Thank you very much for your reply Msteamplayer, I appreciate it!! I just had my bloodwork sent (Im about 5 hrs away from Allure) and trying to get everything ready for post-op. Just out of curiosity, what incision did you choose? Im leaning towards under arm... his post-op photo's of the incisions looked great!!
Thank you Angiemcc. But I see there are no reviews... Hope to hear from somebody because Ive gone ahead with pre-op & booked my surgery for next week!! Oh boy do I have anxiety, I hope I made a good choice in doc's!!

Here's Dr. Kotlus's profile on RealSelf. I hope some ladies chime in for you and let you know their experiences.