Healing and result time?

  • Jess123123
  • 3 years ago

Im not overweight but have alot of sagging skin. The most noticable pictures are of course the overweight women. If you arent heavy do you notice the results even with the swelling? Also does anyone know if healing time is effected at all by how much tissue is removed? Thanks

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Hi Jess,

From what I've read here on RealSelf (which is a LOT), a tummy tuck is ideal to remove sagging skin and, in the hands of a board certified, skilled surgeon, you should definitely notice a big difference in how flat your belly is.

You might also consider a mini tummy tuck if the sagging skin is all below your belly button.

I think the healing time is more affected by if muscle repair is done or not than by volume of skin removed, but that would be a great question to ask at your consultation appointment.