Healing process after tummy tuck and hematoma?

  • NikkiL03
  • Springfield, MO
  • 6 months ago

My initial surgery was Feb 24 but had to go back in at 2 weeks post op due to hematoma which caused me to be opened back up to have it extracted. The healing process initially was a breeze until my setback. Now it is very slow and my emotions are on over load! Is/has this happened to anyone else? Just looking for support or someone who has been there!!

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I'm so sorry this happened to you! I haven't had my surgery yet and don't know anyone that this has happened to. I hope you are in better spirits as the days have gone by.
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Thank you and yes I am doing much better! I am back to work and trying to get my old life back! Emotions seem to sometimes run wild because I can't do the thing I love yet but it's all in good time. Feeling great today!
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