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Am I on the right healing path 2 months after Smart Lipo?

  • KateMa
  • michigan
  • 4 years ago

I had Smart Lipo done to my lower abdomen area 2 months ago and I am still very lumpy in parts and hollow in other parts, making for a very uneven and strange looking stomach.

I asked my doctor about this and he said it could take a year or two to even out completely. I am asking for a second opinion here. What is your experience and thoughts on that time-frame? I am including a photo, but I think it is more uneven than this photo portrays. Thanks.

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Cathm, could you offer an update as to your unevenness?
It's almost 3 years since my procedure with Dr. Ed Lack (in Glenview) and I still have MAJOR clumps of cottage-cheese looking areas. It is not at all smooth like the photos he'll show you to sign you up for the procedure. Bottom line - this is a job that did not go well and he refused to take any accountability to help make it right.

I've never heard of waiting 1-2 years but your doc is more familiar with your situation, so I don't want to contradict him. Have you had any post-op lymphatic massages, and are you wearing a compression garment?