How To Heal Faster: Your Pre-Op Breast Augmentation To-Do List [Video]

  • VVartanian
  • 1 year ago

Your surgeon isn't going to do all the work when your surgical date rolls around. After the last suture is placed -- it'll be your job to heal and do it well.  

Speedy healing happens in a well-prepped chaos-free environment (i.e., you've stockpiled frozen dinners in the fridge and your toy poodle and/or toddler are on extended vacay with Grandma). This video from plastic surgeon Dr. Armando Soto shows you ten things you should do pre-op to ensure a smooth, relaxed and mostly pain-free post-op experience.

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Video Credit: Dr. Armando Soto

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I ave already bought my fish oil and vitamin e oil for after my surgery, since they are recommended for CC. I have bought some post operative breast surgery garments in the size I think will work good. My prescriptions will be ordered on July 22nd and my husband has taken the day of my surgery and two days after that plus he will have the weekend off to care for me. So I think I am ready for the big day, oh My husband is a great cook so were all set!!

#11 Purchase a laxative to help offset the constipating side effects of your pain medication! 


#2! I have read multiple times on the site about women who smoke and their nipples literally fall off. YES, I"M YELLING. Don't smoke during recovery. If you do smoke, there are a lot of tips to help you stop from other community members.