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  • California
  • 1 year ago

I'm not doing so bad it's tolerable. But I have this massive headache. I am POD 2. Everything looks okay. Anyone else dealing with headaches?

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I had horrible migraines yesterday. Was getting nauseous from them and everything. Decided it must be my oxycodone, so I decided to see if I could quit taking them. Huge mistake....in so much pain now(po day 6). How did you get rid of your headaches?
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Freckles, have you tried caffeine orasked your doc if some kind of Excedrin was ok?
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Awe, your waist looks teeny! I didn't have headaches post TT personally, but narcotic medications (especially oxycodone) can cause headaches for people sometimes. Also if you are a regular coffee or soda drinker and haven't been having those beverages, you might have a caffeine withdrawal headache. I would ask your doctor if Tylenol or Aleve are ok on top of whatever medications you are also taking.
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