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What are some must haves to purchase pre & post op

  • smallboobies
  • 1 year ago

I want to be sure I am prepared and have everything I need so the Hubs doesn't have to run out to much.   For those of you post op, what are some of your fav products? Bra Brands? Vitamins etc

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I hated my surgical bra, very uncomfortable. I found some "leisure bras" at TJMaxx from Delta Burke Intimates and they are awesome! I also have some Genie bras but the Delta Burke are better imo. I have a foam contour pillow that is firm but really comfortable against my back when I was watching TV in the early weeks. I used Rite Aid brand surgical abdominal dressings, very thick and comfortable for drainage under breasts. Good Luck!!!
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Thanks so much. I heard those Genie bras were good.
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Thanks so much, heading out to shop this afternoon!
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Pillows, front closure PJs, stool softener/ laxatives, I bought an extra surgical bra from Amazon. At some point you will be cleared to wear sports bras. I got a few from Walmart. Maxi pads works much better for the drainage then gauze pads. I hope this helps.
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