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Is It a Harm if I Use Depiltory Creams on my Face Between Photoepilation Treatments?

  • linderine
  • 2 years ago

I made my first IPL treatment.They applied me a gel and lighted me .The things is,there isnt a single hair removed.They told me that after the second or third treatment I will see the effect but it seems weird to me. Meanwhile they told me to use a depilatory creams inbetween sessions if I cant stand my face and NOT to use wax(this is what I usually use). Any advices?Anyone had the same treatments as me?Anyone used depilatory creams on his/her face?

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I had my first session of laser hair removal on my face 9days ago. I was also advised not to wax, but to use depilatory creams or shave inbetween sessions.
Shaving is not an option from my point of view, not for the face anyway. So today I bought a depilatory cream... I am looking forward for the results after 3-4 sessions. The doctor told me I should come every 3 weeks.