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Harley Medical Group - London

  • Malachi
  • London
  • 3 years ago

Hi. I'm planning on booking a rhinoplasty in June. I live in London and assume there are some top quality rhinoplasty surgeons in London. I came across the Harley Medical Group online and they looked pretty reputable and so went for a free consultation with their nurses. They were friendly and professional. Wanted to ask has anyone used them in the past or planning on using them? Would like to know about quality of surgeons or if there is a surgeon with a good rep. Secondly, does anyone know of any other places within London which they have heard positive reviews about? Many thanks.

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P.S How much would you say rhinoplastys cost these days?

I went with a friend to see a famous surgeon based in St Johns Wood about a breast reduction. In the patient waiting room sat a woman who looked like half her nose was chopped off I felt so bad for wanting to change my nose, she honestly looked like an alien and she had also got her lips done too. I think the worst look is when others can tell you have had it done (unatural look) have you spoken/seen or met rhino patients before? It might be a good idea for you to ask Harley Medical centre if there is an opportunity to do so because you can get an idea of how the surgeons work is???

It did put me off seeing that lady in the waiting room but sometimes when I feel unconfident about my looks I just think I don't care I'd love to improve my looks and feel gorgeous.
Hi Malachi

I was thinking the same thing!

How has your research gone so far?