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Anyone have a hard time getting a date or waiting for a date????

  • tobenew
  • 3 years ago

My family is driving me crazy about a date for my primary surgery... they don't know I'm considering additional TT and arm lift too... regardless, I think all the schedulers are ANNOYED with all my e-mails and calls. I was told I'd get a date early this week, then probably late this week... well now the week is up... and needless to say, I had gotten to a point where I was fine with waiting, but my family is calling about the surgery they are aware of which is being coordinated with gyn and PS, and I assume that is why this is taking so long. However, as soon as I get my head on, my family calls for a date... some days I just want to say forget the 2nd surgery, but I can't stand looking at myslef in the mirror knowing no matter if I loose the weight i'll still be "lumpy". Unfortunately, I gain weight when I stress, and inspite my workouts 6 days a week, I feel fatter and fatter each day! ARGH... If I had a date, I know I would be fine. I work full time and go to school part time and my profs. are telling me to take an incomplete, but I have all A's... BUT I have no idea when this surgery will be... and then my co-workers are asking when are leaving... and I have to tell them I don't know and that the schedulers were mistaken when they said I'd have a date this week... this has been SOOOOOOOOOO STRESSFUL I think as of today, I ahve given up in hopeing for a date anytime soon, just to calm my nerves. I'm thinking I'll just take an incomplete this semester too... (sigh... I jsut want to have a great surgery and an awesome recovery). Just keep breathing...

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Geez, it's like having a baby. Everyone calls to say, 'oh are you still home'? Well, duh, don't you think if I'd had the darn baby, I'd have told you?

Tell your family to back off, and you will let THEM know, when you get a date. They don't need to make you more anxious and stressed by bugging you.

Other than that, just keep breathing. It will all fall into place, you'll get done, and be gorgeous.