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Anyone have a hard time getting a date or waiting for a date????

  • tobenew
  • 3 years ago

My family is driving me crazy about a date for my primary surgery... they don't know I'm considering additional TT and arm lift too... regardless, I think all the schedulers are ANNOYED with all my e-mails and calls. I was told I'd get a date early this week, then probably late this week... well now the week is up... and needless to say, I had gotten to a point where I was fine with waiting, but my family is calling about the surgery they are aware of which is being coordinated with gyn and PS, and I assume that is why this is taking so long. However, as soon as I get my head on, my family calls for a date... some days I just want to say forget the 2nd surgery, but I can't stand looking at myslef in the mirror knowing no matter if I loose the weight i'll still be "lumpy". Unfortunately, I gain weight when I stress, and inspite my workouts 6 days a week, I feel fatter and fatter each day! ARGH... If I had a date, I know I would be fine. I work full time and go to school part time and my profs. are telling me to take an incomplete, but I have all A's... BUT I have no idea when this surgery will be... and then my co-workers are asking when are leaving... and I have to tell them I don't know and that the schedulers were mistaken when they said I'd have a date this week... this has been SOOOOOOOOOO STRESSFUL I think as of today, I ahve given up in hopeing for a date anytime soon, just to calm my nerves. I'm thinking I'll just take an incomplete this semester too... (sigh... I jsut want to have a great surgery and an awesome recovery). Just keep breathing...