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Hard lump at corner of eye after upper blepharoplasty

  • Txchic42
  • Austin, Texas
  • 4 years ago

I had an upper bleparoplasty done 11 weeks ago and had complications. My right eye drooped in 6 weeks and I already had revision surgery to correct it. I now have one big eye and one little eye.

To top it off, I have a hard red bump on the corner of my left eye. My Dr (a well known Oculoplastic surgeon in Austin) said to massage it and it would go away. Well, its quite sore from massaging it (for weeks) and its not going away. What is it and what can I do about it?

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I just had a re-do, also from a very well know Dr. in Austin....hmmmm....Mine was on the lowers, and I, too, have a hard knot under the eye. Dr. S??
Mine was TOC Dr N. I actually just got home from my second revision surgery making it my third attempt at getting it right. He removed the cysts shown on the pic and did another revision to make the right eye open alittle more to match the left. I heard from the nurses that revisions are very common. They want to take off small amounts and then if needed take off some more so they dont 'over' correct. I have ice on my eyes now buy I'm hoping the third time will be a charm! The good thing is that he isnt charging me for the revisions and he's been very nice about it. He really wants to make me happy. I think that commendable. I just do not want to go thru another surgery, I hope I'm done. Please dont be afraid to speak up to your Dr about your concerns. Chances are, he will be happy to make it right. Good luck to you!
How long after he did the the revision to remove the cysts?
He did all them very quick. I'd say I had my initial surgery and then in less than two months I had the first revision and about six weeks later had the second revision. It was all very quick. He didnt see any need to wait for any extended period of time.