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hard area 3weeks post op. tt n draining from incision and bellybutton

  • iluvmyboys
  • 1 year ago

Wow I was so wrong to think having a tt was a thing of just a couple of weeks of recovery . People do not believe all those girl that say that they went to their normal life style in 2 weeks. I was stupid enough to believe it. See I'm 3 weeks post op and let me tell you it hasn't been nice. First 11days: First the hunch back granny walk that kept me in doors cuss i was to embraced to walk in front of people like that. The compression garment so annoying. And the annoying drains (which after 3 days they were hurting me like shirt to the point where I couldn't even move my legs) Short showers no shaving felt like a freaking harry chihuahua not nice. Being in bed or not doing anything... not cool Having your kids cry cuss they think your going to die. Not being able to pour some milk for your 4yr. Old. Omg this was torture. Day 12 Got drains off yaay I felt free. .. not really since I f they weren't draining well cuss I had a hard area on my hip that wouldn't let me walk or let me even try to stand up a lil straighter. Told the PS totally normal just take your pain meds. In the middle of week two another hard area came out around my groin area up to my belly next to my belly button. Went back to hunch back granny walk again cuss I could get up cuts out hurt so bad. Called the PS "put some hot compresses on it and take your pill." The next day i felt like the hard area moved upand now i can walk but not sit cuss i felt like a bone was being fitted into my belly. (So painful) End of week two got used to the pain but a day before week 3 I started leleaking fluid from my side incision area. Called ps "NORMAL". I guess my hard hip area is draining cuss it started losing swellness and my pain is going away. Now this morning my belly button had blood I really hope is nothing bad, n really hope it'll drain my other hard area. Cuss every time I sit it's torture, I have my appointment on Saturday wish me luck so that there's nothing wrong or infected on my leaking areas. Loving the results tho I feel so much better without all that saggy skin. N my incision is looking great. other than those other 2 lil problems everything is healing beautifully. By the way I'm a 28 yr. Old mother of 2 with Pxe. Don't expect anyone to know what that is lol (rare skin condition). Well have Blessed day n good luck to all my fellow tummy tuckerz.