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Are You Happy with Your Facelift Results

  • suzque49
  • California
  • 1 year ago

I have made the decision to go ahead with a face lift. My insurance will be covering my blephroplasty and brow lift, so I figured I may as well get the rest done while I am at it. My hubby is supportive, but says I look fine the way I am. But I know different. My upper lids cover half of my eyes and I have a constent "shadow". I have some jowling and a bit of a turkey neck. Dr said if I want to see what to expect. I could sit in a recliner and lean back about 45 degrees. I have done that, but really don't see much difference. :-( So my qiestion is how do you all like your results, were they what you expected? Were they better then you expected? I am expecting to have it done in March or the first part of April. PS office will call next week with a surg date.

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I had lower face and neck lift 9 weeks ago and am thrilled. I would do it again. 100% satisfied. I did spend a whole month watching TV, lol. I was a very good patients and healed quickly with no complications. I had a terrific surgeon too.
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would you say it took full month to heal enough to go back to work?
I got my surg date today, April 13th. I know it will go by fast. Next hurdle is getting my boss to let me off. She didn't want to let me have the time off for my last surg, and one of my co workers offered to cancel her vacation so I could get off.
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that's a bad sign if you PS can't schedule their procedures.. good lord.. you must take 2 weeks off for face and neck work...
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The PS had the dates for surgery, They had April 13th, 20th or 27th open. I requested te 13th, It was originally supposed to be in March, but Dr Lee got sick and they had to reschedule some of his surgeries. I'm having it done at Kaiser Permanente in West LA
Elliemae How long were you in recovery room after face lift?
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I had all those procedures, bleph, brow lift and face lift. At times I think I could have been happy with just the bleph and brow lift, but then I remember how I was thinking that my face was moving forward towards my mouth. I like my smile again because there isn't so much skin causing parentheses around my mouth. Although the procedures healed so much faster around my eyes and the brow lift(he used endotines) than the facelift and the numbness around the ears I am glad I did it as I would not go under again( may as well get it over with). I was not trying to look like I did when I was 30 but I wanted to look age appropriate, not pulled taut, I am 61. I like how I look, it is fresher and my face doesn't look like it is drifting toward my nose and mouth.
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Thank you for your reply. I am 63, and feel same as you did. I have to have the lids done,because it is affecting my vision, and I don't want the upper part of my face to look good, and the lower all saggy. Plus might as well get it all done at once. I have some deep wrinkles around in the saggy area of my chin. I asked if he could fill those with some of the fat he will be lipoing (is that a word LOL) from my neck, but he said they should smooth out with the lift. I hope so, Still waiting on "the call" for my surg date. How long did it take for the lower face to heal? I heard about 2 or 3 weeks.
I wear my hair short, so I was slightly puffy around my ears and discolored...more yellowish for about a month. I went on a cruise after 4 weeks with family, and they did not know or notice or at least they didn't say anything. I feel like I am still healing as I have some tightness in my neck, sort of the sensation of having a scarf tied on but nothing anyone could really see unless they were looking. After surgery I couldn't wait to wash my hair, so for about 2 weeks I looked beat up due to wearing the chin strap and discoloration. Some of the blood drained down into the skin of my neck to my chest, common to have happen so had a funny stain there which eventually goes away but easy to cover or disguise with a necklace. I loved getting my eyes/brow done because they are so open and I don't look like I am frowning, and I like wearing eye makeup again. I only admitted to family that I had my eyes done and no one was for the wiser as far as the other surgeries. My husband thinks I look great, I am happy too.
I wear my hair short too, am a bit concened about scars around my ears. I'm so looking forward to having it done. How long after did you return to work? Did your coworkers notice? I have told a few of my coworkers about the eyelids, but not the mid/lower facelift. So many questions. When ahere did you have yours done? A few months after my face lift I am going back for a tummy tuck. I really can't wait for that. Would have had that done first, but my grandson is getting married in May and those pictures will be around forever LOL.
I wore my hair a bit longer in front of my ears than normal, no one ever noticed the scars, I could barely notice them. What you notice is numbness in front and behind your ears and that is strange. I am retired but my daughter-in-law is very observant, so I just admitted to the bleph and that is what she and others saw and commented on. One suggestion I used, that worked to distract from the facelift, was to wear my hair a little different, added some stronger highlights and when I said I had my eyes done that is what they looked at, it was obvious my hair was slightly different. I think I was taking my mom to the store(she is 94 and I didn't tell her anything except that I had my eyes done)and she noticed some discoloration in front of my ear, while in the car. I just said, "really?" and that was at about 2 1/2 weeks. At a little over 4 weeks we went on a cruise with my sister and her kids...they didn't see anything either. My niece noticed as we were out on the deck (she is a nurse) that something was "discharge" from my ear, I asked if it was white, she said yes, and I told her it was sunscreen and it really was! I had my surgery May 8 and by June 10, I was Barcelona waiting to board a cruise ship. In all, I never had issues with the exterior look, just trying to get over the numbness, itching, tingling, muscle tightness that comes with healing. I didn't have pain, only took pain killers for 2 days after surgery. I couldn't wait to wash my hair, it had to be done carefully since I had incisions in my hair from the endotines and also from the face lift but it felt so good! I also didn't bruise much, just around my eyes...and I had a reaction to the ointment they gave me to use on the scars to keep the stitches moist, that made them puff up but they eventually settled down. In all, I would say that I was good to go at 2 1/2 weeks...the long part is waiting for the numbness to subside and what ever tightness you feel to go away.
My hairdresser has offered to wash my hair the first time after surg. she said she can barely see the scars on her clients. Still no call from the PS office with a date. I may call and leave a message tonight. I have to give my boss at least 30 days notice.