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Happy with your legs after TT?

  • PhilippaB
  • USA
  • 3 years ago

Might be a strange question, but - not only was my abdomen destroyed by two pregnancies, but my thighs were pretty well shot to heck too. I have stretch marks across the front and sides of my thighs like I was clawed by a bear. (My first pregnancy, I swelled up enough that I actually got stretch marks behind my knees.) Now, the marks themselves don't bother me all that much, but the problem is that my thighs are now fat and flabby, in addition to my flabby gut. I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (130), although not my pre-pregnancy size. :-P I'm 5'1", so my ideal weight is probably between 110 and 120, however when I was at 130 before, I was skating four days a week, in decent shape, and was a size 6. Anyhow. My question is this - for other ladies in a similar position - did getting a TT, and having your midsection tightened up and smoothed out beautifully, then make your thighs look that much worse? How did/do your pants fit? I'm nervous that getting a TT will make me feel like I've now got the fattest rear end and thighs in the world...and that my pants, if they fit the waist, will be tight or impossible in the thighs. I've considered getting lipo on the thighs, but the worst part is the inner thighs and under the butt - and I'm afraid that if they lipo there, I'll simply be left with looser, stretch-marked skin. Any thoughts or experience?