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Happy with your legs after TT?

  • PhilippaB
  • USA
  • 3 years ago

Might be a strange question, but - not only was my abdomen destroyed by two pregnancies, but my thighs were pretty well shot to heck too. I have stretch marks across the front and sides of my thighs like I was clawed by a bear. (My first pregnancy, I swelled up enough that I actually got stretch marks behind my knees.) Now, the marks themselves don't bother me all that much, but the problem is that my thighs are now fat and flabby, in addition to my flabby gut. I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (130), although not my pre-pregnancy size. :-P I'm 5'1", so my ideal weight is probably between 110 and 120, however when I was at 130 before, I was skating four days a week, in decent shape, and was a size 6. Anyhow. My question is this - for other ladies in a similar position - did getting a TT, and having your midsection tightened up and smoothed out beautifully, then make your thighs look that much worse? How did/do your pants fit? I'm nervous that getting a TT will make me feel like I've now got the fattest rear end and thighs in the world...and that my pants, if they fit the waist, will be tight or impossible in the thighs. I've considered getting lipo on the thighs, but the worst part is the inner thighs and under the butt - and I'm afraid that if they lipo there, I'll simply be left with looser, stretch-marked skin. Any thoughts or experience?

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I am 5'1 and 120 lbs as well, I was 128 on surgery day, and have also lost weight since, however, I do feel like my thighs are bigger, and my pants are tighter...not sure if this is fluid build up or what, but I have noticed that I am starting to get a bit smaller...I did not have hip lipo, but am still proportionate. Curvy, but proportionate which is fine! Hubby likes the curves. Hoping to lose about 5 more, but once I start working out again, that will come...I hope.
I wanted lipo on my thighs but my doctor said exercise would take care of them. Hopefully I can get them toned.
"but the doc said that they will be easier to lose the weight on"

"if you gain a few pounds the fat is forced to go other places, like arms and legs"

This is what I was wondering! Because let's say pre-TT, you cut/burn the calories to lose five pounds of fat. Those pounds ought to be spread more or less equally around all the fat you're carrying, wouldn't you say?

So then, if you no longer have much fat around your abdomen, and you lose those same five pounds, you'd have to be losing them proportionately more from your legs, arms, etc - right?

Fingers crossed. ;-)
I have heard that once you have the TT, if you gain a few pounds the fat is forced to go other places, like arms and legs. It most definately sounds like a deterrent to that second helping...

The money is hard to part with. I am very lucky, my husband's bonus and tax return coincided and was enough to pay for everything. It is a sacrifice but one will worth it. At least my husband won't have to hear me say " I have nothing to wear my clothes don't fit!" Oh wait, yes he will...hopefully!!!! LOL
Fat DOES go other places if u don't watch it. Not fun. I've never had big thighs or pookie butt but I do now after TT. (I had to get one as a part of breast reconstruction after cancer.) wish I didn't have to or chose some other form of reconstruction. Hate the big scar. Hate my big butt and legs. Very painful recuperation. Don't do this stuff ladies, learn to love ur "battle-scared," lived in body, it's already perfect and as it should be - its you! :-). In fact, I may decide not to have more reconstruction as the first attempt failed. Too much, just for my vanity...
I didn't have any thigh work done, but did have full TT and hip lipo; as well as some lipo on the back fat from the bra line down.

My thighs are not huge, but the doc said that they will be easier to lose the weight on.

Don't worry about the scar length. Mine goes from outer edge of each hip, and is 20 inches long! But, it's nice and low, so the length really doesn't matter.

Money is always an issue, and it's always easy to not do anything for yourself - it's what we women do. My mum died a couple of years ago, and her property finally sold this year, so I told hubby - I've earned this from raising 3 kids, all big babies. I took some of the money from my share of the house sale and used that, since I will never have a spare 12 grand. :)

Yes, it's a boatload of $$, but I never spend money on myself, except for necessities, so he was okay with it.
Yeah, losing the weight is so frustrating! I lost about 15 pounds on WW, it's great - but I got down to 19 points a day, and it became SO hard to feel satisfied...and I hate counting - points, calories, anything.

I lost my last ten fairly effortlessly using intermittent fasting - but I seem to have a new 'set point' at just over 130...and I can't get it to budge. (The nice thing about a 'set point' is that it doesn't climb...but it doesn't fall, either.) I'm hoping that once spring comes, and I can exercise again, things might get moving.

My hubby's pretty supportive, too - has never said a word about my flab, but supports my plans for surgery. He's a good guy. I'm just having trouble saving the money, and worried about using it for cosmetic surgery, when my family needs it more, you know?

I have two surgeons on my list right now (judging by their websites and locations), and a third local doctor 'recommended' to me by my dermatologist - but I'm still not impressed with his website pics. (I'm thinking - you put your best work online, right? And if *that's* his best work? I shudder to see his 'average' work.)

I just wish I could find personal recommendations or experience with my top doctor (Slatton, IN) - his work looks so nice, you'd think his patients would be raving and posting about it. I'm surprised no one here seems to have used him.

Thanks for the reply! It's good to bounce ideas off of someone. I'll eventually make a 'real' posting, once I get around to having consultations. It might be a few years still, unfortunately.

Yes the weight loss is very frustrating!   However I am now doing the new Weight Watchers program and it is much better.  The minimum points a day are now 29...YAHOO!  And vegetables and all fruits are free.   I also get 49 flex points a week which helps.  I have tired every variation of their program over the years and this is by far the best.  I am never hungry.  You should give this one a try.  It is free to join right now and then if you go to a couple of weekly meetings you will have all the materials you need to do it yourself.  

But if you are comfortable at 130 then I would not worry about the weight at all.  After all it is not always about the scale.  You have to be where you are comfortable.  Once the tummy is gone I am sure you will feel like a new woman anyway.  In fact I know you will :)

My hubby is also very supportive and actually sold his prize motorcycle to pay for my surgery.  Good man.  Money is an issue these days and I totally understand that. 

Take your time in finding the surgeon and that will pay off.  One would think that a surgeon would put his best pictures on the site????  Follow your gut as well.  If one doesn't feel right them run and run fast.

I met with 6 surgeons before I found the best one ever.  I love mine and he did excellent work on me.  I have had 13 of my friends also go to Dr. King after my surgeries and they are also extremely happy.  They always tell me that I was their test dummy...ha ha funny girls.  I went first and they all had to check everything out before they went to him.   After my surgery they all wanted to see my work so we had "Show and Tell" parties.  Crazy right :)  We all get together once a month for dinner and drinks.  We call it the "Bow to the King" dinner parties.  He is so awesome. 

You will get there in your own time.  Don't rush and trust your gut feelings as you meet doctors.  My motto is that if my heart and gut don't both scream YES then I run the other direction.  That has never failed me once in life.
I am so glad to hear about the change in WW fruit! I am going back! Lost weight on it years ago but was hard to stay at 18 - 20 pts.
I am not even near my goal weight but have to have surgery now (best timing).

Give it a try and I know you will love it.  They have finally figured out that starving people won't work long term...LOL  

Just focus on being healthy and feeling good.  The surgery will really give you a boost in spirit.
Thanks Kimmers (((hugs))) fellow WW!
I became a lifetime member after losing 54lbs. But since ive gained some of it back. How soon can i start counting my points after my tt?

Hi Girl,

Ok we are the same size.  I am 5'-1" and weight 120 right now.  Prior to my procedures I had a big fat double muffin top, chunky thighs and a pookie butt. 

On surgery day I weighed in at 134 and had a full tummy tuck, lipo of the outer thighs, hips and booty.  Well he was able to smooth me out beautifully.  I lost another 14 pounds since surgery and that has helped take the booty and thighs down a little more.  But I have always had thighs and a butt on me so I have learned to embrace it.  Since my hubby likes it we are all good.  I have accepted the fact that they will never be totally thin.  I call it curvaceous:)

I do not feel like my proportions are off after my surgery.  I think I look fine and am wearing  size 4's and 6's in pants....depending on the brand and fit.   My tummy is completely flat and tight but it does not make the thighs and butt look worse. 

Be cautions on having too much lipo on the inner thighs.  I personally know several people who have done this and ended up with more hanging skin.  The inner thighs are a tough area to smooth out.   Hope this helps...
Thanks, Kimmers! It does help.

One of the surgeons I'm looking at appears to do very nice work in the inner thigh area - of course, it all depends on the elasticity of the skin and amount of fat to be removed to start with.

It's good to know you're in 4s and 6s, at 5'1" and 120. I feel that weight's about what I can expect to end up with, and it would be wonderful to fit into my old clothes again. I would be totally psyched if I ever made it to a 4!

And I *wish* I had an actual butt! It's so flat (yet still flabby) that my pants fall off, even as they're squeezing the muffin top unattractively! It's a lose/lose situation right now.

I do feel better seeing so many ladies at approximately the same size (and shape, given the pictures), go ahead with surgery and seem to have wonderful results. I've just felt so *fat* for so long, and felt like it was my fault that I couldn't lose any more weight - just surfing these sites and realizing that this muffin-top shape I have isn't my fault - that it's impossibly-stretched muscles and skin - makes me feel so much better.

Now, to find a surgeon....and save more money. I'm hoping to be able to lose a bit more weight first as well, because my love handles are quite poofy, even around to my back, and I'd prefer to not have the scar need to wrap all the way around, if possible.

Glad I could help!   Do your research well and make sure to meet with at least 3 surgeons.  Better safe than sorry. 

It was hard to drop the weight when in my mid to upper 40's.  And the more I lost the worse the tummy looked.  It was totally gross and I hated it.  My hubby kept telling me I looked fine which just ticked me off even more.  I knew it wasn't fine and it had to go!

I now stay on the Weight Watchers plan and that has helped to keep the weight off.  I needed something  to keep me on track for the rest of my life so this is it!  Plus I do  not want to gain weight and stretch my tummy out all over again.

Let me know how you are doing.

Great questions! I hope some ladies come on over and give you some input!