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Any happy endings when it comes to extractions plus braces?

  • Aliyah89
  • 1 year ago

I've been researching online for a while and all I have come across are very unhappy customers. Do you know anyone with 28, brace-straight teeth who is happy with their decision 3/5/10 yrs down the line?

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Well, not sure if this fits your question, but I had four teeth extracted prior to having braces as a teen and it worked fine. The braces closed up the gaps and you'd never know I am four-teeth shy of the full set as an adult (I'm now 57). If you're talking about having them extracted as an adult, I can't say, sorry, but I hope this helps.
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This is a bit of a difficult thing to search for, so I'm glad you have started this forum. Have you come to a conclusion about whether to have extractions or not?

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