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Any happy endings when it comes to extractions plus braces?

  • Aliyah89
  • 1 year ago

I've been researching online for a while and all I have come across are very unhappy customers. Do you know anyone with 28, brace-straight teeth who is happy with their decision 3/5/10 yrs down the line?

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Unfortunately the RealSelf team censored my comment. I did not use any profane language, I simply told how negative my experience was having four permanent healthy teeth removed, and how negative it is that there are still orthodontist out there using this out dated procedure. I think people come to this website to hear both the good and bad and are capable of drawing their own conclusions. I can not sugar coat my experience with having healthy teeth removed. Just know this, my experience was so bad the RealSelf team does not want you to read about it. Do not do it. Find a orthodontist with up to date education and keep all of your teeth. Good Luck
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Well, not sure if this fits your question, but I had four teeth extracted prior to having braces as a teen and it worked fine. The braces closed up the gaps and you'd never know I am four-teeth shy of the full set as an adult (I'm now 57). If you're talking about having them extracted as an adult, I can't say, sorry, but I hope this helps.
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This is a bit of a difficult thing to search for, so I'm glad you have started this forum. Have you come to a conclusion about whether to have extractions or not?

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