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Hi ladies, I'm a 20 year old female living in the UK and have 30K breasts that are causing me a lot of problems. I suffer neck and back problems as well as grooves in my shoulders from bra straps, excessive sweating and skin rashes/infections underneath. I went to my doctor and explained my situation, at first she laughed at me and told me she did not believe my breasts were that big until I lifted the large t-shirt covering them then she agreed they were too big. She immediately told me she would get in touch with my local PCT and apply for NHS funding for a breast reduction. I had hormone tests to ensure this was not the issue and waited 6 months before finally receiving a letter to tell me that a meeting took place and it was a unanimous decision that I should be given the funding to allow me to have the surgery. I am awaiting a referral to a surgeon and am wondering if anyone could give me any information or advice on what happens next? I am very nervous about the surgery and have heard lots of different stories, some which don't fill me full of confidence. I also wanted to know if a catheter is required during surgery or afterwards for toilet needs as this worries me a little bit. would love to hear from you all regarding your experiences xxx

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Hi TanTan93, I am also from the UK, having an NHS reduction. I am sure these things are different all over the country, so I can only tell you my experience. I went to my GP who was very understanding, and did some tests. When they all came back normal he referred me straight to a surgeon. I think it was about 6 weeks between then & my actual appointment. Surgeon agreed to do the reduction & told me there was an 18 week waiting list - from the date of referral. Its now been about 20-21 weeks. I was booked in for surgery on Weds, but thats been postponed to Jan now. I've never heard about the NHS funding in my case. I put off going to my GP for about a year because I feared I would be turned down for treatment, and I daren't mention it just in case they cancel my surgery all together!! Hope it all goes well for you & you hear something soon - keep us updated! :-) x
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Hey Chicka84, thank you for your reply! The information you have given has really helped me :) oh no how come it has been postponed?! My GP awaited until I had confirmation of funding before referring me to a surgeon. This may take a little longer due to me having other health issues. Fingers crossed I hear from the surgeon after Christmas! Hope everything goes well for you too & I will keep everyone updated! Would be great to hear more from you as you go through your BR journey! x
If you have time and want, read through members reviews and forum. It will give you a better idea of the process and each individual's progress. I never had a catheter for my surgery. Each plastic surgeon is different and uses a different approach to surgery and healing process. Some use tape, some use tubes, some use stitching, etc... I almost a year after my surgery and have no regrets. Best decision I have made for my body in years. Just keep making healthy choices, exercise, and positive thoughts. Just think, you will actually be happy and excited to buy new bras. You can buy cute, small lacy bras in color.
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Not from the UK either, but be patient. Even here in the US, it took about two months from my consult to my surgery date. It will be the best decision you ever make for yourself and definitely worth the wait. I had a catheter during surgery, but of course was removed afterwards. I had to pee before bedtime the day of surgery or they were going to re-cath me. I won't lie, the first pee after being cath kinda burned, but was a relief. I think you'll be fine :-)
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The thought of someone being there putting a catheter in kinda makes me feel icky lol how did you find the whole experience of surgery and the recovery? X
Yeah, I was really creeped out by that thought too. I was insanely nervous about surgery, having never been put to sleep before. I tried to buy things pre-surgery to have at the house, but found myself sending my MIL or husband to Kroger for supplies. I also found it helpful to have yogurt with my antibiotics, especially after being cath'ed. I did a day of review on my page if you want more of a breakdown. or you can PM me :-)
Hi there. So many ladies trying to get NHS funding for the surgery and being knocked back, so do be positive and ensure you are ready with all the right questions for the PS. You could contact whoever sent you the acceptance letter and ask what happens next, or for the number of the service you are being referred to so that they can give you some information. You are young, so keep yourself healthy and you will heal well. This surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any elective procedure. It will change your life for the best. If you are on Facebook, ask to join the Breast Reduction UK closed group for info and support.
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Really looking forward to a new me :) my mum has promised we can have a special day out when I'm feeling ready afterwards to pick out some new clothes and have dinner out :) x
hello, I'm not from the UK but I can say is the next step is to be patient for the referral for the surgeon. This process requires a lot of patience; but if this is suppose to happen, it will!! Just try to stay busy and prepare yourself mentally for the surgery if/when it happens!! good luck!
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Thank you for your reply.....I guess the Christmas period will keep me busy whilst I wait :) x