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What Happened to Your Face after Juvederm Wore Off?

  • Juliabars
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I just got juvederm in my cheek area and I HATE it. It didn't make me look like my younger self, just different. And it has increased my nasolabial folds, which were very minimal before. I've heard mixed reviews about hyaluronidase for dissolving it and really don't want to take the risk. SO, thinking of waiting for 6 months until it wears off. However I have questions for those who've chosen to wait: - Does the skin look worst than before? I.e. does it sag? After all, even the slightest weight gain and weight loss in the face can cause loss of elasticity. - Does some of the filler remain? Some Dr.s have said that fillers can form a layer of collagen within the skin and the results, even though very subtle, can be permanent in the long run. - If you have used hyaluronidase, esp. in the cheek area, how has that been for your skin?   Thanks so much everyone! Julia