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I had the same thing happen

  • Dana T
  • 5 years ago

I had the same thing happen to me. I haven't been out of the house in almost a week, except for absolute necessity! I had two abdominal surgical scars treated, and two non-acne scars on my face. One of them is on my chin, just under my bottom lip. It immediately turned into the weird white bumps, and within an hour I had grainy-sandy feeling stuff on the area. None of the areas ever had any swelling. Within a couple days, the area had infected pimple-like things on it, and was hard as a rock... rough... one big scab. Then it started peeling, and I realized today I needed Neosporin. Now its just red with one tiny scab left. This is HORRIBLE!!! I can't get my doctor's office to answer the phone (the nurses station; the receptionist won't help me.) My other areas got really red and ended up with tiny pin dot-sized scabs. I would NEVER EVER get this done to my whole face. It is not supposed to break the skin but it did, and I have no idea why. I'm not even sure I will continue treatments. I just want my chin back!!!! Does anyone have any more information about why this happened to me?


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Hi Trin,

Keep your face moisturized for now and see your treating physician first thing Monday.  It is unusual to have such extensive swelling from the non-ablative Fraxel re:store treatment, but it happens to some patients with sensitive skin, or in those patients who have a bit of alcohol during the immediatel recovery phase.  Most likely you will be fine, and the  good news is that you will likely get an ultimate better result due to your increased downtime. 

Protect your skin the lovely spring Australian sunshine, and please let us know how you are later this week.  Be well.

Dr. P

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Did anyone experience widening in his scars after Fraxel Restore?
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I am scheduled for Fraxel Re:pair on Friday. Yesterday, (Saturday) I had to begin to take Septra for a cyst ( on my leg) that was MRSA. Is being on Septra going to be a problem for the treatment? Should I reschedule the treatment?
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I had my fourth fraxel restore this Monday. Today is Wednesday. Every time I have had bad, extensive swelling. Especially on day two. This time, the doctor turned up the energy to 30. And my eyes were swollen shut this morning. My fraxel restore treatments have required much downtime because of the extensive swelling. Not so much because of redness.If anyone has had similar experience I would like to know!
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My injuries from Fraxel have improved, too... but I don't see much improvement in my scars :(
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Thanks for everyone's advice, it really helped ease my mind. The scabbing has mostly gone away now but I'm still very red underneath and have broken out in horrible white heads all over my face! (The area around my chin has also gone really hard?) My face is very dry and peeling a lot now too so fingers crossed that what is underneath is a whole lot better and hopefully I don't have to look like this for much longer! I did finally leave the house for work today (6 days later), not pretty but I didn't really have a choice. Am very glad the day is over though so that I can go back into hiding for the night...hopefully will see more improvement by tomorrow. Thanks again.
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I should also say that it was definitely Fraxel Re:store that I had done, and I told her to turn it all the way up and zap the scars away!! I guess she did!!
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What you are experiencing sounds like a normal reaction to an aggressive treatment.  Some patients will swell longer than others.  There are a few things you can do to minimize swelling in the future.  Ice-Ice-Ice.  Sleep elevated, even in a recliner if  available and no alcohol, especially red wines.  The scabbing you are describing is somewhat normal.  Stay out of the sun, keep the rough areas lubricated with a gentle moisturizer and do not try to scrub it off!  Sometimes we have to look a little worse before we look better!  Make sure you notify the Dr.'s office and follow their recommendations.  Most importantly, relax! 
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