How did you handle going back to work/ gym/ local grocery store?

  • DaleAnn82
  • Dequincy, LA
  • 3 years ago

I've been thinking about what it's going to be like going back to the gym; my kids school; the local grocery store. It will be quite obvious when it comes to wearing work out clothes and the fact that o hadn't been to there in a couple of weeks. I know I should just hold my head high, shoulders back and (ha ha ) new additions up and out, but I know I'll also be "embarrassed". How did y'all handle it?

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Hi, DaleAnn! I'm 10 PO now and have been thinking the same thing (especially at the gym). I think I'm going to wear the same big baggy shirts for a while. At first anyway and take it slowly from there. I didn't go too big and my DH assures me that no one will notice :). I can't WAIT to go shopping though! Hope you're coping well and enjoying!!
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Ok. So I am now 11 days post op. And while I'm a little concerned still, I tried on one of my yoga tops today and it looks so AWESOME that I no longer care what people are gonna think. Seriously, before I was so flat chested in a sports bra and now: totally hot! So I think I'm gonna rock the gym when I can go back. I hated the way I looked in that top and now I love it. That's why I got my implants. Know what I mean? Oh and I can't wait to go back cause I've gained way too much wait all ready. Lol
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